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Recommended Routes in California - 477

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Favorite Coming back to this one soon!

Camp Tamarancho Loop

11.3 mi 18.1 km 1,425' Up 434.2 m Up 1,425' Down 434.19 m Down

Fairfax, CA
Favorite Rippin the berm.

Braille Flow

19.2 mi 30.9 km 3,112' Up 948.4 m Up 3,106' Down 946.73 m Down

Day Valley, CA
Favorite Bridge crossing /bottom of the loop.

El Corte Madera Open Space Loop

11.5 mi 18.4 km 2,051' Up 625.02 m Up 2,051' Down 625.04 m Down

Portola…, CA
Favorite Fast and smooth section of Third Divide Trail.

Downieville Classic

14.0 mi 22.5 km 663' Up 202.12 m Up 4,846' Down 1477 m Down

Downiev…, CA
Favorite Really nice view all along of Lisa's Trail

Rancho San Vicente and Calero Park

9.4 mi 15.2 km 736' Up 224.23 m Up 736' Down 224.3 m Down

Almaden…, CA
Favorite Hitting the smooth and fast Shoreline Trail at China Camp State Park.

China Camp State Park Loop

8.7 mi 14.0 km 792' Up 241.49 m Up 792' Down 241.28 m Down

Santa V…, CA
Favorite This is just midway through the beauty !!!! Mud and Smile say's it all  : )

Marshall Canyon

10.4 mi 16.8 km 1,355' Up 413.03 m Up 1,356' Down 413.43 m Down

La Verne, CA
Favorite My 'home trails' are short but sweet!

Joaquin Miller - Best of Oakland

10.0 mi 16.1 km 1,104' Up 336.64 m Up 1,159' Down 353.39 m Down

Piedmont, CA
Favorite Jen keeping it rolling through dusty ruts. Great trail for the area!

El Prieto Loop

8.3 mi 13.4 km 1,262' Up 384.6 m Up 1,263' Down 384.89 m Down

La Caña…, CA

California Biking

  • 14,394 Miles 23,165 Kilometers of Trail
  • 486 Recommended Routes
  • 1,145 Easy Trails Easy Trails
  • 2,248 Intermediate Trails Intermediate Trails
  • 513 Difficult Trails Difficult Trails
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Areas Within California

Trails in California - 3,414

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3.4 mi 5.5 km #1Flow Trail
Day Valley, CA
Day Valley, CA 138 
15.2 mi 24.4 km #2Skyline Trail
Big Bear City, CA
Big Bear City, CA 90 
5.1 mi 8.2 km #3John Nicholas Trail
Monte Sereno, CA
Monte Sereno, CA 100 
5.2 mi 8.3 km #4Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Saxon Trail #18E13)
South Lake Tahoe, CA
South Lake Tahoe, CA 46 
2.0 mi 3.3 km #5Emma McCrary Trail
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz, CA 49 
13.1 mi 21.0 km #6Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve
Fairbanks Ranch, CA
Fairbanks Ranch, CA 61 
1.4 mi 2.2 km #7Braille Trail
Day Valley, CA
Day Valley, CA 45 
1.8 mi 2.8 km #8El Prieto Trail
La Cañada Flintridge, CA
La Cañada Flintridge, CA 47 
1.2 mi 2.0 km #9Lizard Trail
San Joaquin Hills, CA
San Joaquin Hills, CA 48 
2.1 mi 3.4 km #10Enchanted Loop
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz, CA 39 

Photos of California - 5,591

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Even after countless rides, I never get over the views here.  Truly a world class MTB destination.
Jun 8, 2016 near Dollar…, CA
Total corner destruction. This kid has his cutties on lock!
Sep 15, 2016 near Villa Park, CA
Sunset on the Pacific Rim Trail.
Aug 5, 2015 near Redway, CA
The Roman Road on lower Noble Canyon
Apr 19, 2013 near Pine Va…, CA
Good fun....
Aug 18, 2016 near Truckee, CA
A rider gets rad on the jump on French Fry Trail.
Dec 29, 2016 near Shasta, CA
Video of the Luge Down hill shot by
Feb 10, 2016 near Trabuco…, CA
Don't try this at home!
Jul 18, 2015 near South L…, CA