Classic Breckenridge Route

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Featured Ride in the area near Breckenridge,
“A looped ride from town utilizing some of the finest area trails.”
Don L. on Jun 9, 2014
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14.523.3 milesKilometers 1,224’373 m Ascent 10,333’3,150 m High 3% Avg Grade (2°)
90% Singletrack -1,241’-378 m Descent 9,490’2,893 m Low 27% Max Grade (15°)
Barney Flow and B-Line trails are downhill only. If riding this loop CCW, utilize Moonstone Trail.
This is a looped ride that can be ridden from town and offers some of the best new and old singletrack Breckenridge has to offer. This ride can be lengthened by incorporating any of a myriad of adjacent trails into the loop.

The loop is excellent CW or CCW.

Ridden clockwise, this loop incorporates: Lower Flume Trail, Mike's Trail, Middle Flume Trail, Upper Flume Trail, Slalom, Western Sky, Prospect Hill Road (GH 38), Prospect Trail (GH 41), Side Door, Minnie Mine, X10U8, B&B Trail, V3, Barney Ford, Barney Flow, Hermit Placer, Jack's Cruel Joke, Sunbeam Trail.

Ridden counterclockwise, this loop incorporates: Sunbeam Trail, Jack's Cruel Joke, Hermit Placer, Moonstone Trail, Barney Ford, V3, B&B Trail, Turk's Trail, B&B Trail again, Minnie Mine, Side Door, Prospect Trail, Prospect Hill Road, Western Sky, Slalom, Upper Flume Trail, Middle Flume Trail, Mike's Trail, and Lower Flume Trail.

The best descents on the loop in either direction are 1. Slalom, 2. X10U8, 3. V3, 4. Barney Ford combined with either Barney Flow or B-Line, 5. Jack's Cruel Joke.
Need To Know
Parking in Breckenridge can be an issue. On street parking through Town as well as in Town lots is limited to three hours. The South Gondola Lot off of Watson Ave. between Park Ave. and Main St. is a good choice for all day, free, summer parking (the trail description and GPS track begins and ends at this lot).

Parking at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena off of Boreas Pass Road on the south end of Town is also a good option. Park in the eastern end of the lot, near the pump track. From "The Steve" cross Boreas Pass Road to Sunbeam Drive to access the trail loop to Carter Park. From Carter Park follow High Street north to Wellington Road, go left then right onto French Street, then right to Main, through the roundabout to SCR 450 (Huron Road).
Described in the clockwise direction:

From Town, go north to Summit County Road (SCR) 450, Huron Road (7-Eleven on the corner). Climb SCR 450 for 1/4 mile past the recycling center and Summit County Road facility to the Lower Flume Trail on the north side of SCR 450 at a post.

Follow the Lower Flume Trail for 1.2 miles. The trail appears to end at the intersection of Highlands Dr. and Barney Ford Dr. but continues about 400 feet to the north on the right side of the Highlands Dr. Turn right onto the singletrack and another immediate right onto Mike's Trail.

Mike's climbs steeply to the Middle Flume Trail. Turn left and follow the Middle Flume over three road crossings and past Tom's Baby for 2 miles to the Upper Flume Trail. Turn right onto the Upper Flume and after a short distance left onto Slalom.

Climb Slalom to a wooden chicane at Gold Run Road. Cross the road, pass through another wooden chicane onto the Fall Classic Trail. Turn immediately right onto the Western Sky Trail and climb through the trees.

Follow Western Sky Trail until it intersects Gold Run Road. Ride onto pavement, past a gated driveway and a garage on the left built into the side of the hill. The trail continues on the left ditch bank just past the garage. Begin climbing singletrack to a high point and brilliant view of the Ten Mile Range. Descend to a paved road and go left, uphill.

After the pavement ends, the first roadway intersection is Prospect Hill Road (GH 38). There is a marker. Go right, then after crossing below a power line, left at the next fork with a private driveway.

GH 38 has recently been regraded for upcoming beetle-kill mitigating, logging efforts. Continue on GH 38 until topping out at a tailings area. In another 1/4 miles GH 38 forks with Prospect Trail (GH 41). There is are markers and a post at this junction.

Turn right onto Prospect Trail and continue for 1/2 mile to Side Door. Turn left onto Side Door at a marker post and continue for 0.4 miles to a 3-way intersection where Side Door climbs left at a post. Continue straight (right) across golden colored mine tailings and turn left ascending Minnie Mine Trail at another marked 3-way junction.

Minnie Mine contours then begins to descend at mine wreckage to a trailhead parking area. Just before the trailhead, turn right at a marker post onto the X10U8 trail. Descend to French Gulch Road. Cross French Gulch Road, pass through the B&B trailhead parking lot and climb the B&B Trail for 1/4 mile to the V3 Trail.

Turn right onto V3 and climb to the Barney Ford Trail. Turn right and descend Barney Ford to Moonstone Rd. Cross Moonstone Rd. and begin the Moonstone Trail.

From the top of Moonstone Trail, choose either B-Line (left), Moonstone Trail (center), or Barney Flow (right) to descend. Each descends to Hermit Placer Trail. (This GPS track follows Barney Flow). Moonstone Trail will be used by climbing riders as B-Line and Barney Flow are downhill only.

Turn left onto the Hermit Placer Trail (above Carter Park) and ride south until the trail switches back onto Jacks Cruel Joke Trail. Descend Jacks to Sunbeam Drive. Cross the road to Sunbeam Trail. Take Sunbeam Trail to Carter Park and from Carter Park return to Town.

Alternatives and extensions to this loop are abundant. The Upper Flume can be directly accessed from the start of Lower Flume, or Mike's and followed north to Slalom Singletrack.

For more mileage climb Barney Ford and either go right to Juniata Trail or take Sallie Barber Road to Nightmare on Baldy.

Utilize B&B Trail and/or Turk's Trail in lieu of X10U8 if riding CCW.
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The CO state flower and a sick shredder; great combo. (Breckenridge, CO)
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Re-entering the forest from the clearcut. (Breckenridge, CO)
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Shredding is easy when the trails are this good! (Breckenridge, CO)
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Minnie Mine (Breckenridge, CO)
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Old Yeller (Breckenridge, CO)
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Minnie Mine fall views. (Breckenridge, CO)
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The berms on V3 are awesome. (Breckenridge, CO)
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Jack's Cruel Joke from Hermit Placer (Breckenridge, CO)
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Lower Flume Trail in the meadow (Breckenridge, CO)
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Awesome views on Hermit Placer. (Breckenridge, CO)
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Hermit Placer - glorious! (Breckenridge, CO)
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Barney Ford is a scenic trail, no matter which direction you ride it. (Breckenridge, CO)
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X10U8 Trail aspens (Breckenridge, CO)
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X10U8 at French Gulch Road (Breckenridge, CO)
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X10U8 fall riding (Breckenridge, CO)
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Hermit Placer intersection with Moonstone and Carter Park trails. (Breckenridge, CO)
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Lower Side Door aspen tunnel (Breckenridge, CO)
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Lower Flume Trail, Breckenridge (Breckenridge, CO)
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Jack's Cruel Joke (Breckenridge, CO)
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Bottom of Slalom at Upper Flume (Breckenridge, CO)
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X10U8 at lower Minnie Mine intersection (Breckenridge, CO)
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Barney Ford Trail (Breckenridge, CO)
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Mine Tailings in the Golden Horseshoe (Breckenridge, CO)
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V3 Trail (Breckenridge, CO)
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Intersection Prospect Gulch Road GH 38 and Prospect Trail GH 41 (Breckenridge, CO)
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Fall Classic Trail at Gold Run Road (Breckenridge, CO)
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Hermit Placer Trail - flume section (Breckenridge, CO)
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Slalom Singletrack at Gold Run Road (Breckenridge, CO)