Navajo Rocks Chaco Loop

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17.6 Miles 28.3 Kilometers



1,467' 447 m


-1,448' -441 m


5,607' 1,709 m


4,970' 1,515 m



Avg Grade (2°)


Max Grade (11°)

All Clear

76 days agoUpdate

A little bit of everything from flowy to technical. Very scenic and fun riding.

Scotty Vina


KEEP SINGLETRACK SINGLE! Moab's dirt is alive and very fragile! The desert dirt is made of fragile biological soil crust that ranges in color from black at its most mature to light brown as it begins forming. Tiny tendrils of crust hold particles of sand in place and help keep moisture in the soil, allowing plants to survive. Soil crusts prevent erosion and without the crust holding in the soil, wind storms are more likely and erosion occurs.
This trail system that has some great flow and technical riding. No matter which way you do this ride, you'll be surprised by how energy sapping the consistent ups and downs are. The trail is all singletrack as you head back to your car with a few little tiny straight up climbs....don't feel bad if you walk 25 yards up the steep sections....everyone does it :)

Need to Know

Just when you think you have enough water, BRING MORE. It's a long ride, and you'll be having so much fun that you'll forget how much water you need to be drinking! No camping along the trail...BUT...Dubinky Well Road is just west of the trailhead on Hwy 313 and has some great dispersed camping.


This is a unique ride. It uses several linked trails starting with Rocky Tops then Coney Island then Big Lonely to Big Mesa and the "grand finale" Ramblin'. You start on Rocky Tops, which is a nice warm-up. Its climbs are quick and painless while the legs tune up for the large ride. It's tighter riding around desert juniper bush/trees mixed with sand, slick rock and pack clay. As you get towards the end the views start to open up and bring you closer to the beauty of Big Mesa.

Rocky Tops is not bad, but you need to leave a little energy in the bucket for the incredible grand finale. You'll see people coming up from the other side, and they look in anguish. This is a painful climb from the other side! Just don't do it! Rocky Tops is a unique trail in that it seems as if a non-mountain biker designed it....which might be the case. But there are two little climbs that make you think..."Hmmm...this 6' jump onto the rock doesn't seem ride-able, but I'm sure there are talented people out there that have ridden it." Anyway, this section of trail undulates quite a bit but has some truly amazing views. Juniper berry trees, sand, cactus etc. quickly become your high-speed obstacles on the descent with some technical slick rock.

Then you come to Coney Island trail, which is a brutal, lonely climb. However, once it's done, this is where speeds increase, and it gets "buttery" or some would say flowy and fun. In this area, it starts to be more open singletrack grassland riding mixed with the occasional slick rock. Then this brings us to Big Lonely. You're finally feeling some nice relaxing, but techy downhill. Some of it's on old doubletrack that has been decommissioned.

Next is the Big Mesa trail which is the jewel of the Nile of this ride. Take your time, stop to take pictures, go slower, and LOOK UP! Enjoy the scenery of this incredible ride. Sure the trail is awesome and real buttery, but take your time and enjoy this one. There is a cool little rebar bridge which I would think some would find "interesting" especially if you are on foot. Truth be told.....I can see how some would find it intimidating as the re-bar welded slats on this bridge are separated by about 6". Ride across it without any issue..uhhhh hmmm....don't stop on the bridge!! If you're on'll have a bit more of a challenge. This shouldn't keep you from this trail, however.

This is a loop that if you don't race it....and take your time to stop and smell the roses....can be MAGICAL!

History & Background

This is a trail that was collectively created by Moab Trail Mix, BLM-Moab and Moab Trails Alliance. This trail was created in 2014.


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Jul 30, 2017
Sue Paz Thunström
Jul 29, 2017
Jon Beckham
Jul 27, 2017
Paul Hinz
16.3mi — 2h 40m
Jul 7, 2017
Jerrod Maguire
Jul 7, 2017
Timaaay T
Jul 3, 2017
J Welle
started late around 6:30pm. only did rocky tops, middle earth, and ramblin' 7mi
Jun 23, 2017
Debbie Torget
Jun 20, 2017
Vince Lee

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All Clear 76 days ago

Getting forecast...


Maybe the best intermediate ride in Moab. Suggested direction: clockwise on the lower loop, counter-clock wise on the upper loop. Apr 29, 2017

An amazing ride to do. Rode it clockwise so we could finish on Big Mesa and Ramblin and this seems like the better way to go but you could go either way. Start early and bring lots of water! The last couple of miles were tough in the heat. Rocky Tops has some fun slickrock to start on and Big Mesa is one of the coolest trails you'll find anywhere. May 10, 2017

I'm a fairly solid intermediate rider, who is new to riding sand and slick rock (I ride the more flowy trails in the northern Wasatch.) I found the climbs on this ride to be a cakewalk, but as an intermediate rider who has some holes in the skill set and lacks some braveness at times, this trail was exhausting and above my comfort level on a lot of sections. Just a head's up. Gorgeous views!!! May 22, 2017

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