Tapia Canyon Rd Singletrack

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1,934' 589 m


-1,934' -589 m


1,945' 593 m


1,115' 340 m



Avg Grade (2°)


Max Grade (8°)

All Clear

21 days agoUpdate

A great tour combining the best singletrack around Tapia Canyon Rd (Sidewinder, G-Out, Dogtag, Kona)

Andreas Boehme


One of the best link-ups around Castaic area / Tapia Canyon Rd. This ride leverages the moderate climb on Tapia Canyon Rd and combines the best singletrack out there.
(1) SideWinder trail: Very flowy and fast section.
(2) G-Out trail: More technical, but good fun. A few natural wall-rides, canyon narrows at some sections.
(3) Dogtag trail (incl. Top-Dog)
(4) Kona singe track: Easiest and fastest section. Endless flow and steady smile guaranteed.

Need to Know

Tapia canyon is almost entirely on private property. Tapia Canyon Road is closed to any travel except residents from the beginning of the dirt road to about 5/16 of a mile to the east. Wayside Canyon Rd. is the only way you should access to upper trails.

Tapia Canyon can get hot and dusty, esp. with the ongoing drought. Plan accordingly and bring water. Tapia has much to offer for any skill level. This ride provides a nice introduction to the area and weill leave you sweaty, smiling and wanting more.


Start from Castaic Regional Sports complex. The flat pavement ride from there to the trail passes a Los Angeles County jail facility, so don't stray from the road. Take Wayside Canyon Rd. and Wayside Canyon Connector to the major intersection. This is the central point for trailheads to Kona singetrack & Dogtag trail (incl. Top-Dog), which are both located on the southern end of Tapia Canyon.

But let's go for SideWinder trail and G-Out trail first, so follow the fire road northbound (San Francisquito Motorway), ignore the shortcut to G-Out trail and stay on the fire road. There's an optional alternative singletrack parallel to the fire road - continue uphill. Stay right at the next junction until you reach another fire road crossing. Make a left here and leave the fire road after ~100ft, start from the top of the small hill and take the westbound trail (ignore the straight one facing southbound, even if it will look very tempting). Follow the flowy and fast sections of the SideWinder trail, cross one more fireroad and continue straight ahead. Where the canyon narrows, SideWinder will merge with trails from the right and left and continue as G-Out for a great combination of both singletracks.

Entering G-Out trail, you'll face some more technical, but still good fun sections, a few natural wall rides, ups and downs where the canyon narrows at some sections. At the end of the trail, keep left and start the fire road climb back to Tapia Canyon Rd.

When reaching the top and close before the Edison towers, make a sharp right turn for the trailhead to Dogtag trail (incl. Top-Dog). The upper part (Top-Dog) is slightly steeper, but still enjoyable to ride and offers plenty of variants. The lower part of Dogtag is very smooth and full of flow, not too hazardous! At the trail end, keep right to merge onto Kona singetrack and continue up to Tapia Canyon Rd.

If you're still hungry for more, keep right on the fire road (the left would be the way back to the car parking), climb one more time up to the towers and pass them on the right. Follow the fire road southbound for a few yards. Get ready to bear left quickly onto Kona singetrack at the trailhead. This trail is the easiest and fastest section of this great featured ride. Expect endless flow on this trail with a steady smile guaranteed! A few smaller jumps, but nothing hazardous. After merging with Dogtag trail (incl. Top-Dog), keep straight until you reach the Tapia Canyon Rd again. Right before you reach the fire-road, keep left this time and stay on the singletrack, which will continue in parallel to the fire road for another mile or so, before they eventually merge when reaching the first ranch houses again.


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Sep 23, 2017
Doug Barnett
Great Weather! Tough climbs w/ fun rides down! 13.9mi
Jul 27, 2017
John Decker
May 29, 2017
Patrick Csongei
Apr 30, 2017
Patrick Csongei
23.8mi — 2h 30m
Apr 24, 2017
Adam Bailey
Jan 13, 2017
Christian Mannsfeld
Dec 20, 2016
Patrick Csongei
19.7mi — 2h 20m
Dec 11, 2016
vandall bondage

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All Clear 21 days ago

Getting forecast...

We rode Tapia today--got a super early start (first light). We went up Tapia Canyon Rd, went left at the fork (Wayside Cyn) and then dropped back into Tapia Cyn right before the single-track through the trees. We rode around for most of the morning, then came back the same way. After we rode through the trees, just before we turned up the small canyon (to bypass the 'problem' property), we noticed there were roofing nails on the trail. Upon closer inspection, we found several groups of nails--all carefully placed in exact rows, parallel and in the middle of the trail, with the points sticking up. The big heads were covered with sand so they were hard to see. We walked along that section of trail and picked up 12 nails. We are pretty sure they weren't there earlier this morning. Anyone else find any malicious activity at Tapia? Feb 9, 2016

Buddy and I were riding G-out today 4pm, ran into 3 motorcycles at the bottom. They were heading up the trail. I told 'em, look this is a bike trail, lots of people not gonna be happy if you go up this. 40-year old dude told me he was riding it before it was a mtb trail and bikers ruin everything. He ran into me as he rode past. Made me sick but I wasn't gonna get into a fistfight. Sorry I couldn't stop them guys. Thanks for all the work done on that trail. Mar 6, 2016
What’s the best (easiest) way up. Charlie canyon or wayside rd. ? Oct 3, 2017

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