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Sep 7, 2020
To shuttle: Lots of people bring two cars. Park one car (the take out shuttle) in Richwood. Take the othe… View Comment
Jul 16, 2020
Sweet, exciting and fast downhill. View Comment
Jul 8, 2020
Eagle Camp loop is much better as of 7/7/20. It has received drainage work, brushing and rock work. Rides… View Comment
Jul 4, 2020
All clear and dry as of 7/3/20 View Comment
May 26, 2020
There is now a new berm at the intersection of Pocahontas and Eagle Camp trails. View Comment
Jun 18, 2019
Kennison Mtn trail from Frosty Gap NW down to the Cranberry River is getting maintenance right now (6/16/19… View Comment
May 17, 2019
As of 5/17/19 Good to go now. Exit on North Fork trail for now - fun 2 mile downhill. View Comment
Apr 19, 2019
Receiving maintenance on 4/20/19. Muddy now, but should be ready to roll soon. View Comment
Apr 15, 2019
Here is another loop ride: Start at Kennison Mtn parking lot. Ride directly across the highway (South) t… View Comment
Apr 15, 2019
Eagle Camp is a mess right now (4/15/19) due to contractor equipment damage to the trail. Will update when… View Comment
Apr 7, 2019
It's ready to rock and roll. As of 4/7/19, Fork Mtn trail ridge section is clear from Bear Run to North Be… View Comment
Mar 25, 2019
Construction equipment is on it right now. Best to wait until June, 2019. View Comment
Mar 25, 2019
As of 3/25/19: Lots of trees and big branches down right now from Winter storms. We're working on it. It'… View Comment
Jun 25, 2018
A good, new restaurant has opened in Richwood, the Whistlepunk. Also a relatively new vacation rental, the… View Comment
May 27, 2018
Local experts love this trail in it's natural state. No major maintenance planned. View Comment
Oct 28, 2017
Well maintained as of 10/17. View Comment
Sep 1, 2017
40 waterbars in 1.5 miles, some up to 5 feet high - Yeehaw! View Comment
Aug 2, 2017
Trail received recent (8/2017) maintenance from local volunteers and the YCC - it's in good shape. View Comment
Aug 2, 2017
Part of Kennison (North of Hwy 39/55 and NW of the intersection with Frosty Gap Trail) is in the planning s… View Comment
Aug 2, 2017
Part of Pocahontas (North of Hwy 39/55 and West of the intersection with Frosty Gap Trail) is in the planni… View Comment
Jul 12, 2017
Most folks ride up Bear Run Rd to the top of Fork Mtn, then go left at the Fork Mtn trail sign to the "Wate… View Comment