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Beauty Bay Loop

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19.8 Miles 31.8 Kilometers



3,498' 1,066 m


-3,490' -1,064 m



Avg Grade (4°)


Max Grade (22°)

3,795' 1,157 m


2,144' 653 m


Shared By Chris Wandervans



Getting forecast...

Fast and flowy with some rowdiness in a fun loop that keeps you on your toes!

Chris Wandervans

Dogs Off-leash

Features -none-

Snow and downfall close this loop in the winter.


A great singletrack experience just outside of Coeur d'Alene. The trails are quiet and flow through some great forests. The tree cover is very thick so there are only a couple of views spots. Make sure to stop at the view spots to take everything in. Watch out for moose in the area.

Need to Know

This is a lollipop loop trail. The loop portion uses an old road that does not see a ton of traffic. It is advised to use the mobile app to ensure you make the right turn at the bottom. The mobile app is also helpful in finding the trail for the descent.


From the parking area you'll climb up the pavement to Trail 257 on the right. From here the climb begins steeply and eventually levels out. Settle in for the climb and stay right at the first trail junction. Once at the top you'll hit an old road. Take a left on this road and then descend a little ways and take another left. This road will take you to the turn for Trail 257C, but is not marked well and the entrance is pretty brushed in. Descend down Trail 257C to the bottom. This a great descent and is nice and tight and flowy. Since this trail is a little more primitive, the tread is very narrow and will keep you on your toes. Once at the bottom, you'll cross a creek and then come to a trail junction.

From here, you'll enter an old logging road that starts out very overgrown. The road then breaks out onto another road that gets more traffic the higher you climb. The only turn on the old road is a right that takes you back to the saddle near Trail 257 . From the saddle it is a short climb up to Trail 257. Now you'll descend the more popular trail that gets shuttled. Short of a few roots and a small stream crossing, this trail is free of obstacles until you take your final right on an open section of the ridge. Beyond here the trail gets narrow and off-camber. There is also a brief, but challenging, rock segment before you reach the end.

Trail 257 culminates in a double creek crossing. The first is usually rideable, the second may not be. There is a log crossing that will keep you on your toes, but should have you back to your car safe and dry.


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Jul 30, 2018
Jet Monkey
Jun 24, 2018
Brian Binge
Jun 13, 2018
Rand Miller
May 1, 2018
Adam Reymann
Take 227 instead of bushwacking at btm. of 257C. it takes you to carlin conn. without the all the bullshit. 14mi
Jun 24, 2017
LT Lavin
Jun 24, 2017
Erik Johnson
Super fun! But nobody's joking about the difficulty connecting to Carlin Connector. Lots of trees down. Otherwise a smooth and perfect lollipop. 23.3mi
Jan 25, 2017
Ryan Ziccarelli
Nov 27, 2016
Erik Johnson
My phone died! Just trying to get up to the lollipop. Came down in the dark. Very slick roots and mud. 5.1mi

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  4.1 from 18 votes


  4.1 from 18 votes
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in Idaho


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This was a great ride! I have a couple questions though that maybe someone with experience in the area can help with. I don't have a smart phone so can't use the app, which I realize would be helpful. After I descended down 257c, I came across several little stream/wet areas. The singletrack continued on until there was a tree with 2 round metal discs, one pointing back whence I had come and said 257c and the other pointed the direction that the singletrack kept going and said 227. Although there was the sign, it didn't appear to be a trail junction and just that the singletrack kept going. So I kept going. A little bit further on there was a wooden sign on a tree that said CDA mountain 3.2 miles (or was it 4.2 or something like that). I continued on until I came to a streem crossing that had a bit of a junction. The flow of the trail and tracks went down into the stream and across. There was also a little footbridge made out of logs across the stream, so I assumed this was the way to go. The other trail didn't appear to have much traffic and had a couple downed trees early on. So I crossed the stream and continued on the well-worn singletrack. In just a few minutes the track faded a bit and then came up onto an old logging road. The logging road was not well used, but you could see it had been used and there were some bicycle tire tracks in some mud a bit up on it. So I turned right (uphill) onto it. Very quickly I passed by a trail that intersected this logging road. It went up to the left and down to the right. There was one of those flexible plastic trail markers marking it, but the marker simply said "Trail" no numbers. I continued up the logging road for several miles but it became apparent that this road was going in the wrong direction and that it was just winding in circles up the mountain is was wrapping around. I would have loved to explore further and also check out the trail that had intersected it, but alas daylight was waning. So I retraced my steps back to the creek crossing with the little bridge and that had the small junction with the other trail. There was no sign for this trail, but I decided to take it. It soon crossed a fire road that didn't appear to have any tracks or use so I continued up the singletrack. At the intersection with this fire road there was a floppy plastic trail marker that again just said "trail". The trail then went up quite steep for several hundred yards (had to hike-a-bike). The trail crossed old, unused fire trails several more times and became rideable. At some point I started seeing the floppy trail markers beging saying "227", which I hoped was a good sign. The trail was fun and a good climb and eventually got up on a ridgeline where the riding was easier. Eventually the trail intersected Caribou trail (Tr. 79) at a junction just below the top of CDA mountain. At this intersection there is no sign indicating the trail I had just ascended is 227. I was very relieved b/c I had actually been here earlier in the day and had explored the intersection a little bit (going up to the summit and then a bit down what I know now is 227). So my questions are these: 1. Looking at my description is there anyone who can tell me (and those without) a smartphone where you pick up the logging road at the bottom of 257c in case you're not up for the steep climb back up to CDA mountain on trail 227? 1b. The description for this ride says "Once at the bottom, you'll cross a creek and then come to a trail junction. From here, you'll enter an old logging road that starts out very overgrown" Is there anyway someone can give a better description of this trail junction? It doesn't say which way to go on the trail junction, if there is any markings, etc. And again, is there a good description of how to find this logging road. 2. I mentioned above how after I got out on a logging road that was going away from where I wanted to, I intersected a trail with a marker only saying "Trail". Has anyone ridden this? Is it worth riding and where does it go and come from? Thanks!!!! Aug 12, 2015

Completed this ride a few days back and had a great time. A few comments... - The first climb up is pretty arduous. Just take your time (longer than you think) and you'll be fine - I got confused at the bottom of the first downhill (trail 257c). Not sure where I got off, but I ended up on a trail that turned into a grass covered doubletrack that ran parallel, but below the designated route. With GPS as reference, I knew exactly where I was, and eventually came across a connector trail (think it was 227?) that I hike-a-biked uphill to the designated route. - The second climb back up to the ridge is very mellow... a steady 2-3% grade the whole way. Point is that the after the first climb I had second thoughts about descending and having to do another significant climb, but the second climb is as easy as it could be. - Last, the single track is, as advertised... really great. Fast, flowy and a lot of fun. Whoever is doing the maintenancy deserves major kudo's for their efforts. Aug 15, 2015
The logging road is accessed via the bottom of 257c where you observed the tree with the two metal discs. Poke around behind that tree and you will come to a small stream crossing and some downed timber (I rode this trail in mid July '15). There will be a steeper pitch and the brush is dense here. Hike-a-bike up this section and stick to the tall grasses. Here you are on the road. At first it may not be readily apparant but the further up you go the more the logging road becomes rideable. I had to hike about a half mile probably before the brush let up. You will reach a landing where the road is obvious. No way I would have found the road if not for the mobile app but would be able to find it again without. Hope this helps. Aug 17, 2015

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