Rothrock TrailMix - IMBA Epic

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Featured Ride in the area near Boalsburg,
“An awesome expedition of the best tech and flow that Rothrock trails have to offer.”
David Pontzer on Jul 31, 2013
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36.358.4 milesKilometers 4,220’1,286 m Ascent 2,412’735 m High 4% Avg Grade (3°)
80% Singletrack -4,215’-1,285 m Descent 1,333’406 m Low 20% Max Grade (11°)
Open year round watch out for hunting season in the fall and spring.
4:30 average time for 23.0 miles. Details

The 36-mile Rothrock TrailMix course provides a combination of some of the best trails within Central Pennsylvania's Rothrock State Forest. The Nittany Mountain Biking Association (NMBA) has been hard at work over the last few years rerouting many old legacy trails to more sustainable trails that are even more enjoyable to ride!. NMBAs hard work has turned Rothrock State Forest into a mountain biking destination.

The TrailMix has it all ridge tops, technical trails, awesome descents, grueling fire road climbs, and some new machine built trails that are smooth, flowy, and fast. This 36-mile ride is nothing short of Epic. It will challenge even the most seasoned mountain biker. Expected ride times for a pro-rider would be 3 hours, and up to 6 hours for the experienced recreational rider.

Happy Valley Biking promotes the Rothrock TrailMix race annually - the second Saturday in June - and proceeds are donated to the Nittany Mountain Biking Association (NMBA). More information can be found at
Need To Know
The ride begins at the Galbrith gap parking lot, just passed the Tussey Mountain Ski Resort. There is ample parking available. Spring Creek runs just below the parking lot and is a great place to cool off after the ride.
Begin at the south end of the Galbraith Gap parking lot and ride up Black Gum trail. Now turn right and cross the bridge and turn left on to Galbrith Gap Trail. When you pop out onto the road look ahead and to your left and you'll see Lonberger trail. Give it a climb up the beautiful rock armored section. When you get to the top take a right onto three bridges trail. Here you'll have three bridges and a beast of a rock garden to start off your Epic ride. If you were able to climb the rock armored trail and clear the three bridges and rock garden you are in good shape for what to expect along the rest of the ride.
If you needed water for your pack the spring after the three bridges and before the rock garden is a great place to fill up to start your ride.
After You cleared the rock garden continue your climb up Laurel run road. Turn right onto Bald Knob Ridge Trail for a short distance, and then turn left onto Greenshoot Trail.

Initially you'll encounter rocks, rocks, and rocks, but the trail will smooth out as you climb. At the top of Greenshoot Trail, you'll make a left to rejoin Bald Knob trail a rocky ridge trail with many tombstone style rocks. Your hard work will be rewarded as you begin your descent down Maguire Trail.

Turn left onto Lower Trail - the heart of Shingletown and weave along Roaring Run stream. If you visit in the spring, the mountain laurel will take your breath away. Turn right onto Laurel Run Road and then take a left on the dirt road that lead to Little Flat Tower.

New Laurel Run Trail, an exhilarating technical descent, will be on your right. Turn left onto Laurel Run Road, descending for a mile, then take a left and head up, up, up Bear Gap Road where you can stop for water and enjoy the view! A half-mile past Gettis Ridge Road you'll see Croyle Run trail. Croyle will be on the left and is a very fast and technical one mile descent. Croyle will leave your arms screaming even with a full suspension 29er.

At the bottom of Croyle you'll take a left on Beidleheimer Road. In a half mile, youre going back up, turning left on Gettis Ridge Road. Do not stop at Wampler Road, but continue to climb Gettis Ridge Road to North Bear Meadows Road. Time to give the legs a break. Down you go, stopping at another magnificent view on the way down if you wish.

Two miles later, youll be turning right onto Bear Meadows Road for a few hundred feet, setting up your entrance to Tussey Mountain trail, an awesome, most spectacular ridge top trail with rocks, short climbs, flow, and so much beauty you'll be planning your next trip before you even leave! Pass the beer tap and continue down Tussey Mt Extension, a very fun, fast descent on narrow bench cut trail.

Turn left onto Leniency Trail, a smooth fast machine built trail with banked berms. As your descent slows you'll come to a small meadow and a trail intersection with Bailout trail, stay on Leniencey trail and come back up to Tussey Mt Extension and take a left.

Follow the trail out Treaster Kettle road and turn left. In a half mile, turn right onto Thickhead Mt Road and climb until you see the sign for John Wert trail. Ride down this gated camp road and across the gas line where the beauty of John Wert begins, a flat technical trail that has two large rock gardens that can prove challenging to even the best riders. Unfortunately, John Wert comes to an end, where you'll turn right onto Bear Meadows Road.

Take a left at North Bear Meadows Road and then a right onto Upper Lonberger trail. Upper Lonberger is your rocky and technical, but Lower Lonberger is fast and fun.

You'll be back to where you started your initial climb, enjoy your descent down to the parking lot.
History & Background
Happy Valley Biking promotes the Rothrock TrailMix race annually - the second Saturday in June - and proceeds are donated to the Nittany Mountain Biking Association (NMBA). More information can be found at
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This tough 36-mile course is part of the MASS Endurance series.
near Boalsburg, PA
5.0 (2)
Glorious and grueling, The Raven MTB Enduro Race, 2013. Ride it if you can!
near Milroy, PA
5.0 (2)
A great local loop that encompasses 4 of the more technical trails close to G...
near Boalsburg, PA

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Fire burn section of Tussey Ridge (Boalsburg, PA)
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Three Bridges (Boalsburg, PA)
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The Beer Tap (Boalsburg, PA)
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Three Bridges Rock garden, Terri is floating right through it. (Boalsburg, PA)
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New entry to reroute for lower Lonberger Path (Boalsburg, PA)
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View of Bear Meadows from North Meadows road (Boalsburg, PA)
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Bear Gap spring, great place to fill up with fresh water (Boalsburg, PA)
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Leniency trail bench cut (Boalsburg, PA)
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Ridge panorama (Boalsburg, PA)
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The beginning of the armored portion. Rothrock's own little Appian Way! (Boalsburg, PA)
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top of Maguire trail (Boalsburg, PA)
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New rock walled switchbacks are a bit tight, but enjoyable. (Boalsburg, PA)
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start of bald knob from green shoot climb (Boalsburg, PA)
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Green Shoot (Boalsburg, PA)
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Leniency berm (Boalsburg, PA)
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Three bridges spring, great place to fill up your pack before your ride (Boalsburg, PA)
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Keith Springs, another great spot to fill up with fresh spring water (Boalsburg, PA)
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start of John Wert trail (Boalsburg, PA)
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second reroute provides nice dry flow year round. (Boalsburg, PA)
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Smooth and Fast (Boalsburg, PA)
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Bear Gap over look (Boalsburg, PA)
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Winter on Bald Knob Trail (Boalsburg, PA)
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Lonberger new smooth reroute, some sections are a little rocky :) (Boalsburg, PA)
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Bear Gap View (Boalsburg, PA)
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Winter on Bald Knob (Boalsburg, PA)
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Shingle Town Chimney near a Charcoal Flat (Boalsburg, PA)
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Balk Knob Ridge Trail (Boalsburg, PA)
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Green Shoot / Bald Knob intersection, (Boalsburg, PA)
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Leniency trail (Boalsburg, PA)
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John Wert rock garden (Boalsburg, PA)
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