Centennial Cone

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Featured Ride in the area near Idaho Springs,
“One of the better beginner/intermediate rides in the front range.”
Nick Wilder on Nov 9, 2012
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17.327.8 milesKilometers 2,508’764 m Ascent 7,917’2,413 m High 6% Avg Grade (3°)
80% Singletrack -2,514’-766 m Descent 6,805’2,074 m Low 22% Max Grade (12°)
On weekends, closed to bikes on ODD numbered days. So it is open to bike on all weekdays, and EVEN numbered weekend days. The area is completely closed December and January.

Each year, Open Space implements a seasonal closure from January 31 to approximately June 15, as shown on the park map, to buffer the elk herds winter range and calving grounds from visitors. Jeffco Parks
2:37 average time for 15.5 miles. Details

Built in 2006, these trails are great examples of modern, purpose-built recreation trails. They are smooth, flowy, and not eroding as most seem do in the front range. They're also beautiful, fun, mostly easy, and take you through great scenery.

Though the trails are all technically easy, the long climbs and precipitous drop-offs might not make it suitable for some beginners.
Need To Know
You can bypass on the county roads if you want to complete a loop of the Centennial Cone trails at times when the Elk Range Trail is closed (generally Nov-June).

Starting at the East trailhead at Centennial Cone Park, ride north on the paved road (Carmino Peridio), out of the park and up a couple short steep climbs to the Robinson Hill Road intersection. Turn left on Robinson Hill Road and follow the rolling paved road west. After about a mile, the road veers left into Douglas Mountain Drive.

The road turns to a mix of asphalt and gravel road. Turn left onto Douglas Mountain Drive and start a gradual climb to the top of a pass. After cresting the hill, keep on the main road and enjoy the fast switch-backing downhill and the views of Clear Creek Canyon. After a couple miles of downhill, look for the paved road access on the left for Centennial Cone Park. Fun is over, turn left and start climbing the steep paved road up to the west parking area.
Starting from the large Mayhem Gulch parking lot (with bathrooms) just off Highway 6, you immediately start your climb up Mayhem Gulch trail. This is the longest climb of the day, but the grade is moderate and the surface is smooth. Some of the switchbacks are tight and might need you to step off you bike a few times.

In 1.5 miles, the Juniper Trail goes left. Take it (you'll return via the Mayhem trail that continues to the right). This trail is much flatter and feels great after the long climb.

After a mile on the Juniper Trail, you'll reach an intersection with the Centennial Cone Road parking just ahead. Continue past the other trails to the parking, and continue on the Elk Range Trail, which is really a dirt road. This section is flat but beautiful as it passes by a small working farm (careful of horses and cows near the trail).

After 3 miles of dirt road you'll arrive at the North Trailhead parking area. Turn right on the Travois Trail and follow beautiful, smooth, flowy singletrack down a gentle grade for half a mile. Here, the trail splits (Travois to the left, Evening Sun to the right). Take either one - they rejoin half a mile later. They are both great and about the same difficulty (both easy).

From here, the Travois trail starts getting a bit more difficult, and many people find this to be the best singletrack in this area. You climb, descend, climb a bit more, all with great views of the surrounding hills. The views down Clear Creek Canyon are cool - it looks amazingly deep from up this high.

After reaching a high rocky point, you make a long descent to Elk Creek and a bridge. Fun, but the bad news is you now have to climb all the way back out of this drainage. It's quite a bit of work, but again the trail is smooth and not too steep. Mastering the tight switchbacks is a good challenge.

Once back on the ridge top, the trail goes gently up and down, with steep drops to the left, and great scenery everywhere. This is perhaps the highlight of the entire ride.

After 7.4 miles on the Travois trail (and about 14 total miles so far), you reach the Mayhem Gulch trail intersection. Take it to the left and enjoy the great views and smooth, wide singletrack for .8 miles.

You are now back on the part of Mayhem Gulch that you road up a few hours earlier. Take a left and cruise back to your car.

This loop can be done in either direction, and can be made shorter by parking at the Centennial Cone Road Trailhead (avoiding the biggest climb, out of Mayhem Gulch).
History & Background
Centennial Cone Park was acquired in 1999 with voter-approved Open Space Bond funds. Located north of Clear Creek Canyon, nearly to the Clear Creek County line, the park is valued for the habitat it provides to elk, mountain lion and other species.
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Running from the storm, we later got hammered (Golden, CO)
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Sunset at the end of a great ride. (Idaho Springs, CO)
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View from the top of the Travois Trail. (Golden, CO)
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Lot of climbing up those switchbacks, but they're not too steep. (Idaho Springs, CO)
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Clear Creek (and your car, probably) WAAAY down there. (Golden, CO)
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The wildflowers in full bloom in the middle of June. (Idaho Springs, CO)
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Looking up the trail on the final part of the Juniper Trail climb. (Idaho Springs, CO)
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Nice views! (Golden, CO)
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Did I mention the smooth, flowy singletrack yet? (Golden, CO)
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Nice smooth climb with great views! (Golden, CO)
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Wildflowers in bloom all along the trail (Golden, CO)
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A short technical section that beginners may want to walk down. Clear C... (Golden, CO)
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Near the high point of the ride, and a great place for a break. (Golden, CO)
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Fast descending down the best part of the Travois Trail (Golden, CO)
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Great singletrack with views. (Idaho Springs, CO)
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The dirt road section (Elk Range Trail) isn't an exciting trail, but it ... (Golden, CO)
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The easy beginning of the Travois Trail (Golden, CO)
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Official map (Idaho Springs, CO)
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The restrictions are complicated - plan ahead! (Idaho Springs, CO)
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A short pass through a working farm (Golden, CO)
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The final descent to the car. (Idaho Springs, CO)