North Cedro Singletrack

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Featured Ride in the area near Carnuel,
“A tour of the northern singletrack in the Cedro Peak area.”
Lee Brinckerhoff on Mar 30, 2013
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17.928.7 milesKilometers 2,134’651 m Ascent 7,474’2,278 m High 5% Avg Grade (3°)
75% Singletrack -2,133’-650 m Descent 6,411’1,954 m Low 29% Max Grade (16°)
All the trails here are open to motorized vehicles. The singletrack is restricted to motorcycles while ATVs and the like are allowed on the doubletrack. Fire restrictions can be in effect during the summer months, check with the forest service.
Most of the singletrack sections are good fun, though they can get dusty at times from the motorcycles. Expect some long sections of smooth singletrack as well as loads of baby heads and ledges on the uphills and downhills.

Much of the riding on the middle section of this ride is on very narrow trails through the trees and cutting across a hillside - long sleeves and full finger gloves are recommended. Coyote and Chamisoso trails at the beginning and end probably have the best sections of flowing singletrack on this ride, while the short section on the Powerline trail can be ridden without too much trouble if you are into sitting on your rear tire.

The only real drawback is that the motorized vehicles can tear the trails up at times.
Start by riding up Rd 462 past a picnic pullout with bathrooms on your left. At the gate the Coyote Trail (5619) forks off to the left, take it.

The majority of the Coyote Trail is fast smooth singletrack that follows shallow canyons, going up one then down another. Eventually you hit some more technical climbing. There's one intersection of to watch out for - it appears that you should go straight, but that is trail 5620 (?), instead turn left to stay on the Coyote Trail. This trail eventually terminates at 5 corners or 5 hills of death area where you will go straight across Rd 462.

After crossing Rd 462 you will be on #13 which is a road, ride up this a little ways until you pass the turn off to Delbert's Trail on your right and a short ways later take the turn off for Mighty Mule (5257) will be on your left.

Mighty Mule is generally narrower and rockier than Coyote and largely contours along the hillside. Mighty Mule ends at a T-intersection with Rattlesnake (5252D). Turning right would involve some grueling climbing on loose plates - turn left instead and you will be quickly deposited out on #12 which is a road. You can cross the road and climb up some steep stair steps to add another short section of singletrack that loops around to the right, and back to the road.

The #12 is pretty smooth as you head out, eventually coming to a gate where you can make a 150 degree right to continue climbing. The road surface gets rockier at this point with some ledges and you need to start thinking about where you are riding. Eventually there will be a gate on your left for the Cedro Singletrack (5252B) - take that left. The Cedro Singletrack is mostly smoother and descending. It has some very good sections with banked corners. You'll end up coming out on Rd 252 just across from another parking area/campground.

Turn right on Rd 252 and ride out to Rd 542. Turn left on Rd 542 and ride a ways. You'll pass Rabbit Run (5605) on your left at a sharp right hand bend, then take a left when you can see the power lines in front of you. Continue down the road a little ways to a large pullout on the left and a road going into the trees on the right (if you get to a second sharp turn, this one to the left on Rd 542 you've gone too far). Turn right into the trees, there were some stones with red flagging on them (3-13) marking this turn. You will be deposited on a road beneath the power lines you saw earlier. Head left on this road, downhill, its a little rocky but nothing too worrying. Keep a sharp eye out for a trail forking of to the right before the power lines T into another power line.

Head right on this trail. It will eventually join up with the road under the power lines if you were to continue to the T and turn right. The trail starts out smooth enough but will soon have you sitting on your rear tire, especially once you meet up with the power line road again. Continue downhill, the trail crosses the power line road a couple of times rather than heading right down it. In a short ways you will come to a junction when you are to the right of the power lines. At this junction head right on the Delbert's Trail (5622).

Delbert's Trail mostly contours along the hillside, though there are some sharp ups and down when crossing shallow canyons running down the side of Cedro Peak. Be careful, the trail is narrow and rocky in spots, long finger gloves and sleeves are a good idea. The further you go the more the trail will smooth out and eventually you will come to the junction with the Chamisoso Trail (5184), turn left here and head downhill.

The Chamisoso Trail really contours for much of the first half before dropping into Chamisoso canyon. Once in the canyon there is smooth singletrack and banked corners to have fun with. Keep heading downhill, there are a few junctions and some tripletrack as well. You eventually pop out on 5524B and the ATV bypass leading to 462 and your car.
Land Manager: USFS - Cibola National Forest Office
Local Club: AMBA
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