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Markham Park Full Lap
Difficult Difficult
Weston, FL May 3, 2016
Markham Park Full Lap Weston, FL
Difficult Difficult
May 3, 2016
Notes: Kim broke arm. Nice place well laid out with a lot of obstacles.
Great Wall
Intermediate Intermediate
Murphys Estates, SC Apr 30, 2016
Great Wall Murphys Estates, SC
Intermediate Intermediate
Apr 30, 2016
Notes: 7 mi : Got up early from Motel in Atlanta Rode got back before our late check out time to shower.
Pisgah Area SORBA Beginner's Loop
Intermediate Intermediate
Bent Creek, NC Apr 29, 2016
Pisgah Area SORBA Beginner's Loop Bent Creek, NC
Intermediate Intermediate
Apr 29, 2016
Notes: 8 mi : Great place to bike. Good work out. It would be a nice place to camp. Full this week end
Kickapoo State Park
Intermediate Intermediate
Oakwood, IL Apr 28, 2016
Kickapoo State Park Oakwood, IL
Intermediate Intermediate
Apr 28, 2016
Notes: Lost phone Kim found.

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