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Castro Valley, CA
15.6 mi 25.1 km Castro Valley, CA
Minor Issues
Some Mud - Mostly dry, but with muddy spots and puddles in places
32 days ago
4.5 mi 7.2 km
Sinbad Creek Trail
Pleasanton, CA
4.5 mi 7.2 km Pleasanton, CA
Diablo, CA
11.3 mi 18.2 km Diablo, CA
All Clear
Mostly Dry - Mostly dry, there was a few spots of mud on Tuesday, but not much
69 days ago
Santa Cruz, CA
14.1 mi 22.7 km Santa Cruz, CA
Minor Issues
Some Mud - Areas of deep mud,mainly on hill climbs. The trails are extremely tracked out in lots of areas barely wide enough to pedal.
17 days ago
3.7 mi 5.9 km
Oyster Point Trail
Blackhawk, CA
3.7 mi 5.9 km Blackhawk, CA
Minor Issues
Some Mud, Fallen Trees - mostly dry. a few trees across the trail. I cleared all but one that will require a chainsaw. trail is soft in spots where something has been chewing up the ground in spots. all in all a good ride, though.
81 days ago
13.3 mi 21.4 km
Crockett Hills
Crockett, CA
13.3 mi 21.4 km Crockett, CA
Bad / Closed
That time of year again...flow trail is over grown so can't really see much. hard to ride with any speed.
10 hours ago