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Fort Rucker Mountain Bike Trails


A decent loop encompasing a majority of the Fort Rucker trail system.

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375' 114 m


257' 78 m


571' 174 m


572' 174 m



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Open weekdays from 0800-Sunset and Weekends and Holiday Sunrise to Sunset.


Fort Rucker's mountain bike trails are some of the best in the area. This is mostly due to the fact that to find anything with more mileage or more topography requires a 2-hour drive.

The trails are sandy at times and are prone to erosion, with roots becoming more exposed as time goes on. This leads to the occasional difficult obstacle, but are all generally rideable given a few tries.

The best way to learn the trails is to just ride them. With only around 10 miles of trails, if you find every rabbit hole, it's easy to fill an afternoon with fun exploring.

Need to Know

You need a visitor pass to get on post if you are a civilian. You can get one at the Visitor Control Center at the Daleville Gate 0800-1600 every day.

Trails are poorly marked at times. Suggested route directions have arrows on trees with the reverse route being marked with an X.

Some trees are painted red or yellow for upcoming advanced or intermediate sections followed by green when the section is complete.

The Western side of Farrell is an active bow hunting area, so be aware of your surroundings and stay on trails.

Rucker's Revenge is no longer a complete loop. Ride the remaining trail as an out and back.


There are two main parking areas to access the trails and the recommended loop goes by both of them.

From behind the commissary, you'll head West and make a left turn onto a fire road. Continue on a short ways for a right turn onto Schools Out. Stay to the right until Farrel Road comes into view, then continue left to remain on the singletrack. It will cross two fire roads and after the second you'll ride up a short steep incline, then turn right on to a short section of singletrack. That will dump you out on a cleared section where you'll turn right to Farrel. Once on Farrel, turn right and go up the hill 50 meters or so and look for the hole in the trees on the left side of the road for Al's Trail.

Al's Trail begins with a descent onto some ground level wood platforms and a wooden bridge. Climb up the opposite side of the valley until you open up into a cleared area. Before the service road, turn left and cross a small concrete obstacle (use caution). Once across, turn left onto the Grubb Run singletrack. The trail will go for around half a mile then come to a fire road. The trail will split, with the left route being the old washed out section and right being the new singletrack. Use caution going under a large downed tree. Follow the trail along the creek to the crossing point.

Once across, there are two routes up. The left is more established while the right is newer, tighter, and steeper (better to come down). At the top of the climb, stay to the left on the paved road. There are some old arrows painted on the ground, but are somewhat faded.

Turn left onto Rucker's Revenge for a nice downhill followed by an un-hand-railed bridge crossing into a short steep climb. The trail will flow for a ways into another set of bridge crossings and begin a fire road climb back to Farrel. At the base of the climb there is a singletrack on the right that weaves back and forth across the fire road.

At the top you'll cross Farrel and continue up Blue Max Road. Turn right on either Ravine or Sandpit. Ravine has a large drop in that is in disrepair (easily bypassed) and Sandpit has what you would expect. Continue right on the mainline and follow the signs to the BOQ. Before the parking lot, there is a right turn over to the hotel. Once at the hotel, go around it to the right and look for the trail entrance on the right for Switchback Ridge which starts with a nice descent, followed by a switchback climb and another descent.

At the base, you have the easier option of going right onto NOE Flight or continue straight for a steep drop in (stay right, left side is eroded out). After the drop in, climb the short steep up and stay right for another less steep drop in. From there you can continue right on NOE Flight, or go left across the bridge towards Parcours Lake (the second parking option). Do a run-up and down Bombing Run for fun (optional way down is on the right).

Follow the lake back around to Blue Max Road and climb back up the road to the opening on the left side of the road. There Yellman's Hollow will begin (use caution for the DANGER - Washed out drop in) Yellman's Hollow has a small flowy loop before you head back to the Mainline. Follow it for a ways as you enjoy a large concrete aqueduct roller. You have the option to continue on the Mainline, or veer right onto the fire road up to the power line cut out. Make two left turns for a fast trail with a large log ride over back to the Main line then turn right for a descent to a bridge crossing.

After crossing the bridge, the trail turns left then right. Climb up a short bit, then turn right onto a large fire road descent. Before the large opening, turn left onto Shrek's Swamp where you'll experience a bridge crossing in a ravine and some wood platforms to ride through the swamp. It will end near the beginning of Schools Out, giving you the option of heading back to the parking lot or doing another lap.


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  3.7 from 14 votes
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A small "bridge" on the Mainline provides fun for all ages.
Jan 28, 2014 near Fort Ru…, AL
This platform ride heads through swamp and touts a narrow section. Better keep your balance!
Feb 6, 2017 near Fort Ru…, AL
One of the bridges on Rucker's Revenge
Dec 6, 2013 near Fort Ru…, AL
New bridge across the creek. Approximately 2 feet wide and about 8 feet above the creek. High adventure!
Jul 24, 2014 near Fort Ru…, AL
Apr 28, 2021 near Fort Ru…, AL
Narrow concrete object is rideable, but use caution.
Jan 22, 2014 near Fort Ru…, AL


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Part of mainline is off limits due to repairs
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