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How To Use the MTB Project Mobile App

Should I enable location services?
Enabling location services allows the app to locate you on the map and to show you nearby trails. With location services on, tap the arrow on the map to zoom to your current location and explore nearby trails. Having location services enabled also allows the app to suggest new areas to download. For iOS devices, you can also record your rides by enabling location services (we are still developing this feature for Android devices). If you did not enable location services when initially downloading the app, you can update your location services preferences on the Settings page, found under the Help page on the Account tab, or under your device's general settings.
What do the menu items do?
  • Explore: This takes you to the Map View or List View (whichever was last selected). Map view allows you to navigate to trails and rides using the map. List view shows all of the rides and trails within your zoom area, ordered by star rating.

    o Filter: You can set filters for difficulty, distance, star rating, elevation gain, dog friendly, family friendly, trail type and photo. Hit apply to implement your filter selections. To remove filter options, tap Clear all and then Apply.

    o Info: Use the information icon to see a map key or change your map view from topo to satellite.

    o Location: Tapping the location icon will find your location on the map when location services are in enabled (only accessible in Map View).

    o Sort By: Allows you to sort the list of trails by popularity, length (shortest to longest) and length (longest to shortest) (only accessible in List View).

  • Areas: With location services enabled, you will be prompted to download the state or country where you are currently located when you first install the app. To download new areas, navigate to the Areas tab. Once in the Areas section, you will be able to navigate to your downloaded areas, download new areas and delete areas.
  • Favorites: This lists all the rides or trails you have added to your Favorites list
  • Account: Use the “Account” tab to see your profile, check-in history, change your settings, read helpful tips, etc.

    o Profile: Use this tab to log out, record a GPS track, view your recorded tracks and link to the website to add a trail.

    o Check-Ins: View your check-in history or delete check-ins.

    o Help: Read about Hiking Project, change your settings, give app feedback, access helpful tips and read our terms of use, privacy policy and credits.

What do the black number icons on the map mean?
The black number icons indicate the number of trails in an area. As you zoom in on the map, the numbers will break into icons with smaller values as some trails are no longer in view. The numbers don't correspond to any ranking or organization of a trail list or network. Once you zoom in far enough, the icons disappear, and you’ll see the trail line instead.
How do I select a trail and view more details?
Either tap on the trail line on the map or tap the trail in the List View. In the Map View, you can swipe between rides and trails which will highlight it on the map. From a selected trail you can add it to your favorites list, tap the mountain icon to see the elevation profile, or pin the trail. Tap the main listing to open the trail page. From this view, you can also Check In, add to Favorites, add a star and difficulty rating, get driving directions and update conditions.
How do I use the elevation profile feature in the Map View?
In order to access the elevation profile for a trail without going into the trail page, once you have highlighted a trail on the map, look for the mountain icon on the trail card. Tapping this icon will zoom to the full extent of the trail or ride and bring up an elevation graph. By sliding your finger along the graph, you will see a pop-up on the trail that corresponds to the mileage, elevation and grade of that particular point on the trail.
How do I pin a trail in the mobile app?
Pinning a trail in the mobile app allows you to bookmark a single trail on the map to save it for future reference. In order to pin a trail, once you have selected the trail you want, look for the pin icon on the trail card. Tap the icon to highlight the trail and freeze the trail name at the bottom of the map. This allows you to navigate away from, but easily return to this trail at any point by clicking the trail name. You can only pin one trail at a time. To unpin the trail, tap on the pin icon a second time.
How can I view and rate photos on a trail?
Tap the photo carousel to see the full-size image, star rating and photo credit. You can also rate the photo in the app by tapping the Rate Photo link. Swipe the photo left or right to switch between photos.
From a trail page, how do I go back to the main map view and the main trail list?
Look for the back button in the upper left-hand corner of the trail page. Tapping this will take you back to your previous screen.
Can I add trails, rides, photos or comments from the mobile app?
Currently, we do not support adding trails, rides, photos or comments through the mobile app. Head to the MTB Project website to share these details.
Does the app work offline?
You can always see the downloaded trails and your location on the map, whether you are online or offline. However, if you are offline, the background map will not be visible (either the "Map/Terrain" or "Satellite"). There is a little trick if you want to see the background when offline: the app will save recently viewed background maps for a day or two. If you know you'll be taking the mobile app offline, take a moment while you still have an internet connection to scan around that area in order to save the background map and leave the app open to access when you're out on the trail. But even if you don't do this, you can always see trails and a blue dot indicating your exact location.
How often is the data in the app updated?
The mobile app will automatically check for new data every two weeks based on your date of install. The data is updated weekly on Friday nights. If you want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information in your pocket, you can delete and reinstall that area after the weekly update. Otherwise, your app will automatically update every two weeks.
What should I do if there is an issue with the mobile app?
Before reaching out, please delete and reinstall the app to see if that fixes the problem. If there was trouble with the initial download or if the app needs to update, reinstalling the app will sometimes resolve the issue. If you're still having problems, contact us by clicking the Report an issue button on this Help page.

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