Paved "Trails"?

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Matt Yost
Indianapolis, IN
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Is it common practice to add paved multi-use greenways?  One showed up near one of my normal rides, but it connects to a large network that isn't mapped.  It's not especially helpful.  Not to mention I generally use MTB project to find the fresh new single track, not asphalt.  If it doesn't belong here, how do I remove it? — Feb 15, 2017

Brock Warner
Beaverton, OR
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I have added a few paved multi-use paths around where I live.  My rationale is that there is a Paved Path checkbox when you upload a trail, so why not?  Also, many paved multi-use paths are away from the roads and cars and run through forests and/or countryside.  For some, this could be the first step in turning their tires away from the city and towards dirt. — Feb 21, 2017

Ben Voytko
Pittsburgh, PA
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If it's needed for navigation to singletrack, and it's not on all of the base maps, then I will add it.

Still wish we could mute the paved sections, short unblazed connectors, and multi-use paths to not appear the same way as the MTB singletrack / doubletrack trails. — Mar 2, 2017

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