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Good day!  I have an old 2000 Cannondale Super V 800.  I don't mind riding it, but I've been thinking of a couple of options here.  The technology on it is a bit outdated, and the Headshok I don't really like.  Otherwise it's not been bad to me.  My questions are these:  Is it worth the money to throw a couple of updated parts on it, or better to buy a newer bike altogether.  I don't need to get something crazy, as I'm not planning on racing or crazy downhill or anything.  Just recreational riding.  I was thinking of getting a new hardtail, but wasn't sure.  Is the difference in technology great enough since 2000 to warrant a new ride, or can I fake it by adding new forks and maybe disc brakes and..and?  What are your opinions on this?  I also don't really want to go out and drop $2k+ on a bike.  That will get me in more trouble with they Wifey...Nobody needs that...

Thanks, and have a great rest of your day! — Feb 10, 2017

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It's funny I came across this thread. I have been on a iron horse 3.5 for about a decade. I had some problems with the drivetrain and converted it over to a single speed.  That was enough to get me riding more again. Started saving up some money and found a great deal on a new ride. Has it changed anything? Maybe not, but I have had a blast on my new bike. I think we all get gear lusty every now and then. A few components will make what you have seem like a new bike to you but saving up and getting a new bike is awesome also. I think sometimes it's more what you would like. If you're happy with your bike then upgrade and enjoy the ride. If you think you want to advance into something a little more technical try saving up and getting something a little nicer. Also, keeping the wife happy always makes life easier, that's why I waited to drop a little more on a nicer bike after I go the ok from the better half. 

— Feb 11, 2017

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