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Suggestions for former quad trails on our map

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Lee Clark · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2015 · Points: 341

One of our local trail systems has had many years of illegal quad and moto activity.  The official trails that we maintain for bikes are probably 75% old quad trails.  The result is that we have many intersections that do not show on the maps.  And even though we don't maintain the unofficial trails and connectors, they are often ridden by people that lose their way.  Even with the maps.  It seems like it would keep a lot of people from getting lost if all the trails are represented even if they aren't necessarily used.  So, should I map them and just call them "Legacy Trail Overlay" or something?  This would significantly help one trail that repeatedly leaves and rejoins one of those old trails.  A couple connector trails would suddenly make sense if they were mapped, too.  Even though we don't consider them part of the routes.

Ben Voytko · · Pittsburgh, PA · Joined May 2013 · Points: 2,050

I wish I had a way to do this as well.

I would also want to add connector trails or wide doubletrack multi-use trails that are not really part of the MTB trail network without giving them a difficulty and rating and have them a nice neutral color that doesn't pop out and distract from the actual MTB trails. This would be really helpful in Frick park in pittsburgh, where I had to add the multi-use trails because it's necessary to have them for navigation, but they don't really make sense to be in the app as MTB trails as much as connectors to the MTB trails. I wish I could make these fade in to the background so you can  and focus on the actual MTB trails when looking at the map.

Could clean up maps and make them much more useful if we could add these as non-rated connectors with a more neutral color for reference. 

Joseph States · · Idaho · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 2,512

We have that issue too. The simple fix is to install cheap fiberglass blade-signs on site at the trail issue.

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