Condensed research crosstrail part 2

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24)    randomly ghost shifted a lot/

25)    auto shifted even riding straight on smooth

26)    components were causing shifting problem

27)    ghost shifting

28)    crosstrail less than year old/ I have the chain skipping problem/

29)    rear derailleur didn’t shift

30)    skipping problem started

31)    chain skipping problem

32)    still have the chain skip problem

33)    crosstrail new bike three to four weeks ago/ noticed the issue

34)    lose tension as I hear it slip

35)   mechanic tuned gears as best he could but they still slip and miss

36)  dealer not take interest in actually getting fixed Re: crosstrail gear slip/


37)  purchased two of these bikes (customer review for crosstrail) to date

      both bikes have had multiple mechanicial failures: had to walk the

       bike back to get repaired: SEVERELY JAMMED — Jan 5, 2017

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