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Condensed list specific to similar specialized crosstrail safety concerns :

Copied from 10 pages of condensed research from other owners online @ WWW.

 37 line items and 309 words:

1)    My wife has a new specialized crosstrail,/rear derailleur would work intermittently

2)     Rear derailleur would attempt to shift/ rear derailleur not shifting:

3)     Definite skip at rear derailleur when under load

4)     Skips under load

5)     Crosstrail/chain skipping when pedaling /chain keeps jumping

6)     Why would my chain slip on the road, but not when the bike is on the stand

7)     Why does my rear derailleur skip gears

8)     New crosstrail, chain comes off the front sprocket three times and the rear        


9)     Chain always falls off

10)   Problems, gears dramatically changing by themselves

11)    Severely jammed

12)    Gears slipping and missing

13)    Chain catching

14)    Slipping on the gear ring

15)     Hear chain hitting front derailleur

16)    To keep the chain from slipping

17)    Problem is the gears slipping a lot, making noise

18)    New bike crosstrail/ gears will slip/ slippage/ seems to slip/

19)    haven’t been able to fix this or front gear not shifting

20)    Gear slippage

21)    crosstrail the bike will suddenly go into lower gear

22)    The chain slips down one level on the rear sprockets

23)     Crosstrail owned less than 9 months/ ghost shifting problem/

24)    randomly ghost shifted a lot/

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