DB disk brake upgrade

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I have an old 2006 DB that I converted to disk brake making my own rear bracket (photo1) because I didn't find any that I thought is good. Did a lot of searching and found the A2Z which I don't like and also the fisher/trek/Klein bracket that I'm not sure if it works and surprisingly when I email the seller to ask if it fits their answer is "not sure you will have to try it" Duh.. 

Anyway if there's someone out there who has some info for a rear bracket that will fit my 2006 old DB (photo2) please let me know. 

PS- I found this a photo on line (photo3) of a bracket which I'm sure WILL FIT but lost the link, if anyone knows the name of it or where I can get one will help a mil. 

— Dec 30, 2016

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