Fat-bike routes?

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Kerry Norman
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Is there some way to filter for legal fat bike routes? — Dec 15, 2016

Alexei Pavlov
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Are you for real? What special trails for fat bikes? They are no different from any other bike — Dec 16, 2016

Ben Voytko
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Actually, there are some places that provide groomed snow trails for fat bikes in the winter. I know 45nrth was putting together a short list of good fat bike spots. Great if it has trails near you, not so great if it doesn't.

http://groomedsingletrack.com/ride — Dec 21, 2016

Tom Robson
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This is something we've talked about as a product for a while and I think it'd be a very cool addition to the site. As it stands now we simply do not have the engineering bandwidth to add this functionality to the site. It would require a separate winter/summer map, which is currently out of purview.

For now, we allow rides that have winter-specific trails to be added to the map. Hopefully we can find a more elegant solution to this in the future.

-Tom — Dec 28, 2016

Bruce Cooper
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Do you have a setup for adaptive cycles? Maybe it could be an adaptive/ fat trike or quad trail. I ride a recumbent bike, may be going to a recumbent trike depends on the Va. I am looking for adaptive trails to ride. All I need is a wide single track at this time, with not much sand.  — Mar 15, 2017

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