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Build a route option

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Markk Knowles · · Las Vegas, NV · Joined Feb 2010 · Points: 2,720

Way back there was a mtb website that allowed the user to build a route from trails on the website by simply selecting the trails in order that you wanted them ridden then download that gps track for later use. This is an extremely useful tool for route planning when traveling to a destination with complicated trail networks.

Brian Smith · · Boulder, CO · Joined Dec 2014 · Points: 5,544

@Mark: This is something we've thought about a lot, we just haven't had the time or capacity to build it!

It'd be cool to see some ideas thrown around in here.. what are your thoughts on the specifics of the tool?

Markk Knowles · · Las Vegas, NV · Joined Feb 2010 · Points: 2,720

My thoughts are:

The user should have the ability to select linked trails individually and in the order they are to be rudden. Then "finish" to complete the operation and save the new route or ride to their account and/or download to their computer in a gpx format. Taking it to another level the user could follow their route that would be highlighted on the MTBProject App map just as trails & maps are displayed now.

These created routes are for the user that made them only and delete-able at any time by the user.

Adam Kagy · · Victor, ID · Joined Sep 2007 · Points: 2,941

Trail forks has something like this, but it seems really buggy and burdensome to use. Seems like it could be a really useful tool and would love to see one on MTB Project eventually as well.

Markk Knowles · · Las Vegas, NV · Joined Feb 2010 · Points: 2,720

Yup. I used the one on skidmap early on when figuring out my local trail network. Skidmap then joined up with trailforks but I haven't used the tool there. It worked well for me at skidmap. I have since abandoned use of any other MTB site since MTB Project came along. I hope they can implement this tool!

Richard Croad · · Portland, Or · Joined May 2014 · Points: 57

Agree With everything Markk has to say here...
Great site and I too have dropped everything but this,however being able to build and follow a route would be primo

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