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Proyect near Cancun, building trails

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Alberto Cardenas · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2013 · Points: 0

So.. We live in a flat land, (The Yucatan Peninsula, exactly at the Riviera Maya, Mexico) without even hills, full of jungle! (and rocks), and we wanted to have some trails, the problem was that after 3 months of rainy season the jungle growing could close all the trails, so we need weekly maintenance. The Yucatan peninsula is a big rock, so there's other problem... everything's rocky, and it can become very technical. Other of our problems was that there is a lot of national regulations, because some plants, trees and wildlife are protected (like mangrove and other plants), so we had a big challenge there, make the trails without touching some plants. We can't use any kind of machinery to build trails because we care about the local wildlife, we care about noise, the trails can't be more than 5 ft wide, if they are more than that, you have to make a lot of paper work to ask for permission to the local wildlife authority and hope not to find any Mayan ruin cause if you find something... there is another National institution that take care about that...

We made a contract with the land owner, The Land is shared with a tourism company that has, horses, ATV's, Wave runners, Kayaks, kite surf and a gorgeous beach club, so they gave us a specific space in the land to work at.

So everything looked so dark, we didn't have investors, we had to build the trails with our own money and so everything has to be made by our own hands... and the last one, we tried to invite people from IMBA to share their knowledge with us, but the cost to bring them was out of our reach. but... we are really stubborn and decided to go on with our project.

We really wanted a MTB XC Challenging Bike Park with all these factors I just mentioned it sounded crazy! but well we started working, we bought IMBA books for reference, and with my experience as a MTB rider, knowing some MTB Parks at some different places around the world and the help of great people, now after almost a Year working, we have a little more than 10 miles divided in: less difficult, more difficult and most difficult level trails. We are proud of what we have made until now; some riders form US, Canada, and Europe, had come (because this place is one of the most important touristic centers around the globe, we're less than 10 miles away from Playa del Carmen, Mexico) and they comment great things about the trails we've made, most of them tagged them as: "Different Mountain Bike Style" it's been hard work, but I'm sure we need the opinion of experts, cause we really we want to make a safe, but at the same time, challenging for all levels, fun Mountain Bike Park... we want to make things right. So is there anyone vacationing at Cancun or the Riviera Maya this summer that want to give us some advice to do things right?

Thanks for the help

Drew Anderson · · Greensboro, NC · Joined May 2013 · Points: 0

Looks like quite the project, but I see that it has paid off! Keep up the good work down there!

I don't have any suggestions to offer besides that as I am just a rider, but the trails look great.

sean barb · · winston salem, north carolina, · Joined Nov 2008 · Points: 119

Looks beautiful! I'm intrigued with the photo of the rocks are they from some kind of coral-karst geology?

Alberto Cardenas · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2013 · Points: 0

Hi Sean, yes it is, remeber the Yucatan Peninsula is a big rock that was under the ocean, and we are about 30ft over the water level, so almost all the rocks have ancient coral printed in them :P

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