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Issue with GPS trail posting?

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Bailee Wiley · · Mapleton, UT · Joined May 2019 · Points: 0

I posted a trail in Mapleton, Utah that was 2.7 miles round trip. I used the GPS file. When I got the notification that it was approved, it shows a 6 mile trail that’s name doesn’t match the trail I was on and the trail goes much further up the canyon than it actually does. All my information is posted. Any troubleshooting ideas?

Zander Göpfert · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jun 2016 · Points: 2,515

Hey Bailee,
Would you mind posting a link to that trail? Our Trail Content Team often defers to a land manager map or whatever official documentation they can find, which might show a different name and/or routing. That said, we almost always want to go with what is actually posted on the ground so if you're confident in the start/end of the trail and the name, we can definitely change it back.

Bailee Wiley · · Mapleton, UT · Joined May 2019 · Points: 0
Here's the GPS from my ride!
Zander Göpfert · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jun 2016 · Points: 2,515

Hey Bailee,
Thanks for sending that link. It looks like Amber emailed you on June 25th saying, "Hi Bailee,

Thanks for reaching out to us about the modifications I made to this trail when I approved it! Apologies for not updating you on the changes I made and why.

When mapping trails, we use land manager resources (namely maps) to verify the legality of trails and then as references for mapping and naming. We do our best to not post illegal or social trails, and we also try to avoid confusion by matching the naming and mapping of the land manager. In this case, because this trail is on USFS land, I used the Forest Service interactive map as a reference for your submission (here's the…;miny=4879529&maxx=-12403131&maxy=4888568&exploremenu=no).

I do know that the Forest Service maps can be inaccurate or out of date. Would you happen to have a link to a map or a photo of a trailhead map that shows the Whiting Trail mapped and named as you submitted?

Alternatively, if this mapping and naming is accurate, you could modify the description of this submission to reflect the new extent.

Let me know your thoughts, and please let me know if you have any questions!


Hopefully, that provides more context around why your submission was changed - feel free to reach out directly ( if you have other questions or concerns. 

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