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Buying used bike?

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Bosankic Dusan · · Veliki Gaj · Joined Jun 2019 · Points: 0

Hi guys I'm new here. Planning to buy used bike. I did have some experience in mountain biking some 15 y - 20 y ago but I never had proper bike. I was riding cheap, no suspension bike until everything on them didn't bent. :). After couple bikes, I finally gave up. Now memories hit me ... as I remember at the time rear suspension just started to be a thing. Guys who had money for that after short time would turn back on only front suspension bikes because that early models apart from looking cool wasn't that officiant.

Anyway fast forward today and now I want to get back in sport. This time I want to have proper bike. My budget is not over 500€ and I found (I think) good bike in that range. I need some advices on things I need to look for. Here is bike I found. Bike is one year old. I think 450€ (probably 400€) is good price, maybe too good, so thats why I'm worried. What can be broken and hidden? I see big front gear missing teeth so that's probably from hitting in rock. That's not big problem, I can change the gear but could be something wrong with frame from that hit?
Opposite side from gears, pedal crank arm is hold with bolt which sticking out (and it shouldn't)

Also 3 gears in front and 26" wheels are bit outdated. Is it worth buying bike like that today?

Wesley Snidjer · · Chicago, Ill. · Joined 1 hour ago · Points: 0

1. Ask if you can change the settings on the shock and fork to test that they still work.
2. Check to see how worn the tires are. You can easily spend an additional $100 on tires alone.
3. Check the teeth on the chainring for wear.
4. The bottom side of the down tube are prone to dents, so check there.

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