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Matthew Wheeler · · Unknown Hometown · Joined 8 days ago · Points: 0

Hi guys,

Love the app and love the project. I have some suggestions for taking it to the next level. For context, I am on Android. A lot of these could apply to the other project apps as well.

1. It would be great if we could have a section for favorite, or starred rides, and completed rides. Similar to "To do" but ones that I might have already done. It could show my ratings on there as well so I know if I want to do that ride again.
2. Add the percentages of surface type to the rides like this site does: So marking something like 70/20/10 singletrack/fire road/road. Could also add metrics like that site has for fun, scenic and aerobic ratings. Maybe it could add a "traffic" rating too, like how used is the trail.
3. Filtering while exploring the map needs to be improved, right now it doesn't even really exist which is disappointing. It would be great to filter by: featured, best of, to do, favorites (or starred), star ratings, difficulty, trail distance, surface type, loop/point to point, etc.
4. Adding some social functionality would be great too, here are some ideas:
4a. Be able to add other app users as friends where we could share rides, see what they've ridden recently, what are their favorites, invite them on rides through the app
4b. Organize group rides by sending out a blast to an area based on certain criteria (difficulty, geographic proximity, etc.). And then users can toggle on and off whether or not they want to receive notifications and they could set parameters of which rides to be notified. So for example I might only want people who live in San Francsico who are riding a blue square to notify me. This might even be neat for sponsors - imagine if Clif Bar put on a group ride in the area, it could be neat.

Orri Jonsson · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Sep 2017 · Points: 0

I’d love if there was a filtered search like for climbing project. I’d like to be able to choose a region and get a list of trails that match a criteria such as difficulty, single vs double track, rating, etc. 

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