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Need Help On getting first bike

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Dan Jackson · · Unknown Hometown · Joined 13 days ago · Points: 0

Im looking to get into mtb, but I dont know what bike/model/brand to get, I have the specifications I want, but dont know any bikes that have these specifications. Here are my specifications I want on my bike.
Includes disk brakes
Has any amount of gears, I honestly dont care how many, just as long it has 3.
At or under $600
And its a trail bike!
Thank you!

Tim McCabe · · Tucson, AZ · Joined Oct 2006 · Points: 0

Dan good bike's don't come cheap. At that price your going to need to find something used. Most brands make a hardtail, pretty much all modern bike's have disc brakes and gears.

Nothing under $1,000 new is going to come with descent parts. Disc brakes are great unless they are cheap crap.

Keep an eye on Craigslist lots of people buy bike's and then give up riding pretty quickly. Those will be your best deal.


John Styrnol · · Grand Junction, CO · Joined Oct 2017 · Points: 115

Definitely have to go used at that price. Checkout your local bike shop, they might have some rentals for sale, craigslist is another place to checkout.

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