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Sizing a bike a little too large tips

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Alan Cha · · Berkeley, California · Joined Oct 2016 · Points: 0

I just got a used trail bike a little too large for me and its my first mtb. I've been road cycling for a long time so I'm framiliar with the general principles of fitting with road bikes.

I don't have a problem with the reach, (I think), but with the saddle. If I could get a few extra inches forward on my saddle it would be great. But I'm already maxed out on the rails on my saddle.

What would fix this? Are there saddles that can go "more forward" than a traditional saddle?

Any other general advice is welcome too! Thanks all this is my first post.

Timo Leahy · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2018 · Points: 88

I have the same exact issue.  I really notice it when I'm climbing steeper sections.  All I need is a half an inch forward and I'd be stoked.  Let me know what you found out or find out.


Leo Pold · · NY 10024 · Joined 21 days ago · Points: 0

Hello everyone, I need advice. I want to understand whether it is possible to use modular helmets for the bike. I want to go to the mountains and is there any reason to ride such a helmet? what do you think?

Timo Leahy · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2018 · Points: 88

Motorcycle helmets are much heavier than bike helmets.  They could cause more damage to your neck than protect your head on your ride... I'd suggest you just spend the 35 bucks and buy a bike helmet.  I think I even saw one for less than 30 on Amazon...not sure what kind of quality it will be though.

Nate H · · Colorado Springs · Joined Apr 2018 · Points: 50

@leo pold. Well... you could use a modular helmet but I wouldn’t personally recommend it.
When you’re out mountain biking it gets hot, sometimes really hot. All of the exercise you will be doing combined with the temperature outside means you want a well ventilated helmet as opposed to a helmet that locks in all of the heat your head produces. 
A well made mountain bike helmet will have lots of vents throughout the helmet to keep air flowing through your helmet. Even a full face helmet will still be much better than a modular helmet. 
Another thing to consider is the weight of the helmet. Modular helmets are pretty heavy, this makes it much more uncomfortable to ride with on any mountain bike trails. You really want a helmet that allows your head to move around freely and that will make for a much better experience. 
A modular helmet also has one very limiting factor for mountain biking, visibility. When mountain biking you want to see all of your surroundings. That way you can see any trail features or other obstacles headed your way as well as much more awareness of the trail around you. Having limited vision could easily mean the difference between confidently rolling over an obstacle or a nasty crash that lands you in the ER.
A good quality mountain bike helmet with lots of ventilation as well as protection only costs around 30-60 bucks. There are a lot of great options on Amazon and other sites.
So you could ride with a modular helmet but it would be pretty awkward at best

Leo Pold · · NY 10024 · Joined 21 days ago · Points: 0

Thanks for the explanation, I did not know that the difference in weight is so important

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