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Total MTB Noob, Want To Know the Method to Hop Over Curbs, etc

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Paulie D · · Unknown Hometown · Joined 8 days ago · Points: 0

I see vids all the time where people ride up to a curb or the cement barrier in a parking space or a log, and effortlessly skip right over it and ride on. I'm sure there's a simple set of steps but in my mind if I yank up on the bars, my back wheel is still going to hit full force. What do you do there? I have a feeling this answer opens the door to a lot more fun than riding around a parking lot on knobby tires (Told you I was a noob). BTW, I'm riding a hardtail (Trek Marlin 7) so I'm sure that comes into play vs full suspension. And just yesterday I ditched the mega 80mm stem and put on a 40mm with bars that have a 40mm rise, WAY more comfortable to ride and easier to steer. I mention that because the nearly flat bars and long stem made pushing back and taking a speed bump a challenge. Today the speed bumps felt like nothing going over, it was awesome. Definitely want to progress though. Thanks!

Zain Mirza · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 351

The technique is known as a "Bunny Hop." There are dozens of tutorials available on YouTube to show you the basic techniques (I would recommend GMBN). After watching a few, it's just a matter of imitating what they show. With practice it'll start to feel natural and you'll be able to jump higher and higher. Getting the back wheel to lift seems to defy the laws of physics, but its totally doable. I think of it as wedging myself into the bike between the handlebars and the pedals, so the entire bike should lift up when you jump.

Paulie D · · Unknown Hometown · Joined 8 days ago · Points: 0

I’ll search it! Thanks!!

Nate H · · Colorado Springs · Joined Apr 2018 · Points: 35
  1. Another MTB noob here. The technique is a bunny hop as previously mentioned and I learned how to not too long ago so hopefully I can give some advice as well. So there’s a few steps to a bunny hop the first being your preload. Rather than standing up and simply pulling on your bars, you want to compress yourself down to as low as possible. Think of it like a regular jump and bending your knees and getting low before you jump. Next thing you want to do is to pull your handlebars to your waist. This takes a lot of practice to get right especially for me. You want to think of standing up straight on your bike and pulling your bike to your waist. After that is the final step. This is what addresses your concern of your back wheel hitting the curb. It’s known as the scoop and it’s when you push your handlebars forward and away from your waist. You are trying to level your bike out in the air which not only gets you airborne but also sets up a good landing. This for me was the hardest step in learning how to bunny hop but it helped me to think of pushing my bars away and just focus on that part. Obviously practice makes perfect and you could also find a whole load of YouTube videos teaching it. But as I’m a beginner too the challenge of learning this is still fresh in my mind. That’s my advice to bunny hop and YouTube is a great source of more detailed instructions on this technique. (Also I have a Trek Marlin too but it’s the four instead of the seven.)
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