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Budget bike Trek Marlin 4: upgrade or not to upgrade fork and brakes to disk?

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Denis Protopopov · · Stuttgart, DE · Joined Oct 2018 · Points: 0

Hi there!
I’m a total beginner in trekking and XC. In fact, this Marlin I got couple of weeks ago is my first non-NONAME bike. I’m a student, so have very little budget for my hobbies. But I was lucky enough to find this Marlin on sale for 250€. Unfortunately, it’s a 2017 model that doesn’t have disk brakes which seems like a big deal in MTB. So, I wanted to upgrade them first but then realized the fork doesn’t have Postmount for them :( (frame does for rear)
And Srsuntour M3030 29" doesn’t seem to get any praise by itself either. Besides, it seems to be too hard for me as it only sags Xmm (Y%) under my weight (58-60 KG 132 lbs).

When researching online I have found 2 contradictory thoughts about upgrading budget bikes:
1. Do it. The G2 frame has good geometry and you can swap out components (especially forks) as they break/let you down.
2. Forget about it. Budget bikes are not worth it and you’ll be better off putting the money aside for a new higher quality one (probably will take me forever).

So, I wanted to ask the community what are your thoughts on this, especially with my exact bike?
Do all components really suck and I should just stick with them on easy trails until I can afford an upgrade?

Or should I change the fork (I was thinking used Rock Shox Recon TK Solo Air 100mm for ~50€) and brakes as it will improve the bike? Also, will going from 75mm to 100mm fork screw up the handling (I read max +20mm is OK)?

I’ll attach my bike specs for a complete picture:
Fork is pre 2018 Srsuntour M3030

Thank you!

Tom Dobson · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2019 · Points: 0

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