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eBike wars

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I'm a professional mountain bike guide, and have a tour that uses e-bikes. So far my opinion.... e-bikes are just for that, tourists. I'm a purist, you must earn your turns. Want to be a real mountain biker elevate your game, and fitness. We know that is NOT going to happen, as our society, "dumbs down" outdoor activities to appeal to the masses. My point, look at the climbing community and constant bolt wars (retro-bolting). This mind set is never going away so my suggestion...ignore that $#!t, forget about it, chill out, burn one down, whatever you need to keep your day sunny and bright. Cause in the end just getting excited about it just ruins your day. Happy trails!

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Actually, after meeting a jolly 78 year old man at the top of a ridiculously steep climb, I take back my ban em stance. Ban em for anyone under 50, or with a disability. If you're a regular rider under 50 do the work yourself, otherwise they are an awesome tool to help people have awesome experiences they otherwise wouldn't be able to have.

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Chris Stanton wrote: There are many different reasons people become mountain bikers. Some have fitness as their highest priority. For others, it’s just being out in nature. For still others, it’s the technical challenge. For some, the thrill of exploring new terrain draws them in.

It’s not either or - I think most mountain bikers fall into many (if not all) of the above categories.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been riding mountain bikes since the ‘80s. I build trails, I teach kids mountain biking skills, and I’m involved in bicycle advocacy in general.

I have three mountain bikes, one of which is “e” - am I any less of a mountain biker when I’m on that one versus the other two?

I wholeheartedly agree with everything Chris is saying here. 

I must say how rather disappointed I am with both points of view in this thread. A Bike is a Bike, peddle assisted or not. I have biked the majority of my life of 42 years, Owned several bikes in my past. Until recently I purchased an e-bike (I've been shouted at on the Santa Ana River trail being called a cheater). Heres what I have to say on this subject. We need more of the attitude that any alternate means of transportation is needed. I commute these days 40 miles round trip to work and home on my e-bike, so to the people that call me a cheater while I am riding in my work clothes and have my panniers loaded with daily essentials... move on with your Strava KOM's and keep your judging mouths shut.

It is funny to me to see people out of the state of California commenting... they all have "chill man!" attitudes and something that is severely lacking here in California these days.
We have a real problem of rushed and agitated people here in Cali. I also don't think the likes of Strava have helped at all either and one major reason I have deleted my account.
Just practice being less judgy, and more human, give the benefit of the doubt before you open your mouths on your next ride. Set an example, and when that 1% of potentially rude bikers (not just e-bikers) decide to shout out while you're climbing a hill, politely remind them we are all here for fun... but also reflect on your own and drop the jealousy and or attitude of your being passed and may not make the few seconds of time for your strava pr's.

Side note (and what should be talked about in the column): How ironic it is that this State of California Especially does not incentivize people for doing the right thing and keeping the car parked at home. Meanwhile, the gov spends all these exorbitant amounts of money on widening roads and incentivizing people to drive more.

Stop with the ludicrous topic of eBike's even being affiliated with WAR.
England · · Colorado Springs · Joined Aug 2008 · Points: 0
Kevin Carlson wrote:

Just practice being less judgy, and more human, give the benefit of the doubt before you open your mouths 

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EMtb’s  are used all over Europe and the UK without any problem, but in the US everyone is so afraid and up in arms. I have a cross country mountain bike, trail E bike, a trail mountain bike 27.5, and 29’er trail mountain bike.  I have been mountain biking for 30 years; I qualify to comment on the topic.  I regard most of this resistance to ebikes as a lot of irrational fear, most of which is not founded in fact.  (Now an electric motorcycle is a different story.) And people are being silly of course an EMtb is a mountain bike, built with much with same tech but with a battery and motor and in fact by the same manufacturers. And the same component manufacturers.  Because some like cycling with no assist does not mean that everyone does. Let me define my cycling for myself.  For the haters I suggest you try an EMTB for your factual research,  and therefore can have some semblance of credibility when you comment.  You’ll find that EMTB’s are no big danger, they have their limits.  For me I’d like to be given the freedom to make the choice.  I have never hurt anyone or torn up any trails on my E bike. But you best believe some of the comments I’ve recieved from those that don’t like ebikes are at the very least harassing and sometimes downright abusive.

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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