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eBike wars

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Anthony Nguyen wrote: @ Nate

All very good points. So for the people who struggle to climb, You would rather have them get off their bikes and push up every climb, taking up twice as much trail space?

I do agree that getting around someone hike-a biking is pretty annoying. In my opinion, part of being able to ride a trail is to be able to climb it. If someone is hike-a-biking then unless it is an impossibly steep climb or a nasty rock garden then they probably shouldn’t be on that trail. 

Part of mountain biking is working up the fitness to get up the trail and then ride down. Maybe the person walking their bike shouldn’t be on that trail in the first place. Obviously if that person struggles to climb due to a medical condition or other issues preventing them from climbing normally then they absolutely should still enjoy the sport of mountain biking even if that means the extra help of an ebike. Otherwise, it really comes down to fitness. I know all too well how hard it is to get into the condition needed to pull long and steep climbs. But it really is worth it. 

That’s not to say you can’t be in good shape and ride an ebike. It can still be a workout for certain depending on the amount of work being done by you vs. the motor. However, true mountain biking will get you into shape and although it’s more difficult, I’d rather be doing my workout on a mountain bike than sweating away in a stuffy gym. 

So back to what you said, if you are going to be pushing your bike up the climb instead of riding it up, it might not be the best idea to be on that trail in the first place. It’s all about working your way up until you can climb up on the bike. This is true progression and it’s what mtb is all about.

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