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eBike wars

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David Whiting · · Rancho Santa Margarita · Joined Sep 2018 · Points: 0

Hi, I'm David Whiting, Metro Columnist and outdoor writer for the Orange County Register and 10 other SoCal newspapers including the LA Daily News and Riverside Press-Enterprise. I just wrote a column on eBike wars  in Southern California, Class I and II bikes gaining access to paved bikeways and trails prohibited to eBikes.
I'm wondering what the general consensus is among mountain bikers vs. ebikers on single track and wider dirt paths. I ride as does my wife and we are split on this.
Here's a link to the controversy and what I wrote. I'm hoping to continue this conversation with the general public at a later date.
Thanks for listening, David

That Guy Haas · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2017 · Points: 21

I don't like the attitudes of many eBikers. This a generalization and I've met few who were really cool and just like riding that tank, but most are not Real Mountain Bikers. And everyone has an idea what I mean by that. eBikers want to get outside, which is AWESOME, but they want a easy route, which is fine, but it puts them in a different class. I always think of the Hover Round commercial where they are at the Grand Canyon, eBikes are one step above that. And on the trail, they are often rude and act as though you should yield to them, they don't even want to split the trail, they want the centerline. Like people at Walmart, riding those electric carts and expecting everyone to jump out of their way, when really there is plenty of room for us both to pass. I assume it's because they tire easily, and maybe lack good balance, but still. I wonder if often it's their first "MTB" and think since they dropped $3000 on it, some how they bought their way in.

OK OK, I don't like eBikes, they are riding motorized vehicles on trails intended for people power, Hiking and Biking. (Horse trails are usually wide enough for everyone)

I think single track riding is for people who are trying to "get it in" I think ebikers should stick to fire roads and stay out of the way.

Also, since you're a writer, may be we can make people understand the danger of thinking that the downhill riders should yield to the up hill riders. I know it sucks to start peddling up hill again, but I'm going ++30 MPH how the heck can I stop on a dime for someone riding up hill at 4 mph. It's crazy and people get hurt. Somehow (Youtube) people took the Hiking guidelines and just applied them to MTB and it spread. And like I said, in my experience, a lot of these newer people on get real rude about not even splitting the trail, they stay dead center, like it's a some kind of stand off & expect you to come to a skeeeeeeeeetching halt and give them the entire trail, because they researched this one youtube and someone said so.

I grew up PNW and downhill has the right of way for safety sake.

I may sound like a hog, (like how I'm hijacking this thread JK) but I'm not, I yield all the time. Every passing situation is a judgment call, but the first and foremost concern is "who can yield more safely" then it's "who will have an easier time starting again if a full stop is required" A good example is a hiker, we always yield to hikers, but often courteous hikers see that it's safer or just easier for them to let us pass and they call out for us to go ahead and pass. We have to share trails, and we have use good judgement about who can safely yield and who cannot. (I strongly prefer directional trails for this reason).

So in conclusion, eBikes Sucks.

Pejman Khosropour · · Unknown Hometown · Joined 25 days ago · Points: 0

Funny how often we repeat our prejudices and never learn from the past.  Like When mountain bikes we're banned when they were first introduced....same with snow boards or other new things...

E bikes are no different from say carbon fiber frame bikes.  What they will do is to give more people access to this people exercise and enjoy outdoors and consequently help them care about this sport and environment.

That Guy Haas · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2017 · Points: 21

Ebikes are different because the mind set that it takes to buy one of those tanks is different. The riders are different. Get Ebikes under 30# and that might change, but as it is now 80% of Ebikers are not "connected" to riding. An Ebike is nothing like a carbon frame, it's more like taking a hover round to the Grand Canyon. Or that twack in a parking lot who blocks the rest of traffic while waiting for the closest spot to the doors, when they could have parked 10 minutes ago and just walked an extra 200' but they'd rather be in the way & block the rest of us, but hey at least they don't have to exert themselves.
They also don't seem to lust after airtime...different breed.

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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