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More connector trail info?

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Vassili Bykov · · San Jose, CA · Joined May 2018 · Points: 81

Why not allow descriptions, photos, and difficulty ratings for connector trails--or allow to change the connector status as part of a trail edit? As it is, you can't even see a connector's elevation profile. That might make sense if connectors were always short flat insignificant stretches, but they aren't. My today's ride had 2.6 miles of four consecutive "connectors", one of them 0.4 miles of 15% climb I didn't expect because the app wouldn't give me any details. (Incidentally, it would be awesome to have map contours in the iPhone app).

I think a reasonable policy would be that any trail that has a name on official maps, or is longer that 0.2 miles or so, or has grade, should NOT be classified as a connector. Whether it's a meaningful ride by itself is not important. It may be part of a ride someone is planning, so the info would be useful.

Zander Göpfert · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jun 2016 · Points: 2,519

Hey Vassili,

We'll be working on this very soon as we make it possible to add minor edits to more fields on trails and similarly for connectors. For what it's worth, there's a series of thresholds for distances on trails that relate to automatically being a connector, having the choice between a connector and a trail, and being a trail. Regardless, you should be able to change connectors into trails because, as you say, it doesn't hurt to have more info than less.

Thanks for the feedback!


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