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I prefer to mountain bike from home without getting in a car. This provides some warmup before going off road, facilitates one-way rides, get's in a little spinning, allows leaving it all on the ride rather than saving some to be able to drive safely, and reduces carbon pollution. This is all feasible where I live (the San Francisco Bay Area) because of the incredible intermixing of open space and urbanized spaces, and the distribution of train stations, bus stops, and ferry landings of public transportation systems that are friendly to bikes. I also at times like the time trial aspect of making it to a particular train or ferry. Nothing like screaming off a ride onto a train with 30 seconds to spare and then just collapsing in bliss as the sun sets out the window. Okay, maybe I have eccentric tastes.

I led, and then organized others leading, about a hundred auto-free rides in the area sponsored by various organizations about twenty years ago. I have wanted to capture the knowledge I built up somewhere since then. Never wanted to write a guide book though as I find them annoying ("go here, experience that, here's a factoid with insufficient context"). Having recently encountered, started to use, and developing more and more of an appreciation for the MTB Project, I am thinking this might be the place to dump my knowledge.

To do so though, the Project would need to accept the road portion of these rides as trails. These would be the connections from various train stations, bus stops, and ferry landings to a trail. What do you think MTB Project? Are you willing? Should I proceed?

And with regard to this being a forum, I would love to connect with anyone else that enjoys this somewhat esoteric mtb form. Or maybe it is not? That is another question I have wanted some organization to test via data collection for decades, but without luck so far (in part because I have only made half hearted attempts at advocating this, as compared to various urban cycling infrastructure projects where I have gone all in and won). Specifically, I hypothesize that a far higher percentage of people mountain biking use the trails without getting in a car than do other modes. Consequently if park districts were to take some responsibility for the various impacts trips to and from their parks generate, they would place more value on supporting mountain biking. That is a topic for another forum I suppose though.


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