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Greg Martin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2015 · Points: 14

Is there a way to filter searches based on parameters? Example; if I wanted to search for a trail that had between 1k and 2k in elevation gain with a maximum slope of 15% could I do that?

luis aguilar · · Atlanta · Joined Jan 2016 · Points: 0

Hi Greg, I have always had that same need. Right now looking for initiation trails for my daughter and there is just no search feature that allows that... it would be REALLY useful if a simple search engine was built... as in trails near this zip code by say 100 miles.... that are minimum 3 miles long and that are minimum 50% green... that be just perfect!.

I just cannot find good beginner trails in Georgie at all... 

Caleb Joyce · · Boulder, CO · Joined Aug 2015 · Points: 148

We hear you and are currently sketching out what this feature would look like. Map & list view narrowed by location, length and difficulty would be pretty helpful. What else would you like to see with a trail finder? 

luis aguilar · · Atlanta · Joined Jan 2016 · Points: 0

hi Caleb, thank you for following up... let me see if I can set what typical things go through my mind when I am searching for trails

1./ "how long is my ride to the trail head" ? distance from point X (normally, home... but could be hotel, campground if I am on a trip etc) to trail head. 

if the webpage allows me to enter a "Start-car-ride point" and then define search with miles to trailhead... and then I can sort results by that distance to trailhead... that's really great

and this search feature would also allow to explore map by "area around a point" rather than scrolling all over the states... for example, I am planning a trip with a friend around Ashville... I enter the coordinates of where we plan to camp or take a cabin... and I would see if there are rides around within one hour from that place... 

2./ total trail distance if I "take it all"... all tracks etc...  (what I am after is how many total miles I could do if I go there...) 

with this I could say dont return anything "in total" shorter than 20 miles if I am looking for a full epic day or similar .. but I could also say hey! between 5 miles and 15 miles I'd like to see

3./ difficulty, level... maybe there is a way to define bit more granular than the current green green/blue blue blue/black and black... but even with those it would be ok. 

ideally ... I could define those levels... only green, or as a minimum it has to be 80% green (so I go and take my daughter and is next step to pure green initiation...)... but when I go on my own I say show me minimum 50% blue... (otherwise I dont improve my current level)... or maybe I look for 20% black (so I finally decide to give it a go but bit by bit to more diff trails)... 

think there is a lot of potential for search features around level.... 

best regards


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