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The full 1 hour descent from the top of the Phillip's Ridge Trail to Fish Creek Road
Sep 18, 2022 near Moose W…, WY
My First Bike Park Experience (Did I die? Would I recommend?)
Aug 3, 2022 near Moose W…, WY
10th consecutive day of big rides.  I was blown up, worn slick and outta gas.  This may not be the best trail for someone recovering from forearm fatigue. But it's a ripper nonetheless.
Oct 11, 2019 near Wilson, WY
No potatoes were harmed in the making of this video!
Oct 11, 2019 near Pocatello, ID
It happened so fast.
Jan 4, 2019 near Pocatello, ID
The Lithium trail starts high above the Teton Pass. A mix of sweeping traverses, steep technical ridge riding ending with a super fast park style section. Without a doubt the most amazing non-park descent I've ever done.
Sep 21, 2018 near Wilson, WY
Bronco is a real fun flow trail with a good gradient that doesn't require much braking therefore the trail is kept in superb condition.  The berms are well designed enabling good entrance and exit speed but with some surprises thrown in to keep you on you
Sep 21, 2018 near Moose W…, WY
Riding Fuzzy Bunny off of Teton Pass for an episode of #followcamfriday
Aug 25, 2017 near Wilson, WY
Lithium is top-ten status in my book! #followcamfriday
Jul 7, 2017 near Wilson, WY
Terrific backstory on the efforts surrounding this newer, multi-use trail in the Cache-Game area.
Jul 6, 2017 near Jackson, WY
Jake and his dog Tucker run out for a rip on Mill Creek.
Mar 2, 2017 near Alta, WY
Fat Pursuit!
Jan 18, 2017 near Island…, ID
Ride to the top of Jackson Mountain.
Nov 7, 2015 near Jackson, WY
Super long video. Wyoming Peak Trail.
Oct 16, 2015 near Afton, WY
Downhill section on Wyoming Peak Trail.
Oct 16, 2015 near Afton, WY
This is about the lower 1/3 of the trail in this video.
Jul 5, 2015 near Pocatello, ID
Mill Creek Trail.
May 30, 2015 near Moose W…, WY
Glorious riding around Teton Pass, WY
Oct 17, 2013 near Wilson, WY

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