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Voodoo Trail - Bend, Oregon - Rental StuntJumper
Mar 20, 2024 near Deschut…, OR
MTB Trail - Bend, Oregon - Rental StuntJumper
Mar 20, 2024 near Deschut…, OR
Marvin's Garden - Bend, Oregon - New Handlebars!
Mar 20, 2024 near Deschut…, OR
Deschutes River Trail - Bend, Oregon
Mar 20, 2024 near Deschut…, OR
Phil's Trail - Bend, Oregon - Rental StuntJumper
Mar 20, 2024 near Deschut…, OR
I rode around the rim shifter broke at the top so I did it as single speed.  This is an amazing ride!
Dec 4, 2022 near La Pine, OR
Going down from Crater Rim trail to Cinder Hill Campground.
Nov 13, 2022 near Three R…, OR
Grand Slam - Bend, Oregon - Rental StuntJumper
Oct 28, 2021 near Deschut…, OR
Madras East Hills Trails. In Madras, Oregon. Central Oregon Trail Alliance has created some great MTB trails in Eastern Oregon.
Aug 2, 2021 near Madras, OR
Salmon Jumping up Klickitat Falls, just off the Klickitat River Trail at the Fish Hatchery.
Jul 28, 2021 near Dallesport, WA
7,000 foot descent through Oregon's backcountry!
Oct 13, 2020 near Oakridge, OR
A trip down Catamount!
Sep 21, 2020 near Lyons, OR
Quick run down Triple C!
Sep 12, 2020 near Banks, OR
Catamount Backside!
Sep 7, 2020 near Lyons, OR
Sixth Sense - Full DH!
Aug 30, 2020 near Venersborg, WA
Going across Surveyors ridge....
Aug 16, 2020 near Odell, OR
Descending the north side of Gales Creek Trail.
Jul 19, 2020 near Banks, OR
Doing the Rim Loop with full video of Red Vole and Squirrel Creek.
Jul 12, 2020 near Molalla, OR
Quick and Easy loop at LL Stub Stewart
Jul 4, 2020 near Vernonia, OR
Jan 3, 2020 near Oakridge, OR
Oregon 24 and 12 Hour MTB Relay
Jul 10, 2019 near Deschut…, OR
Nice downhill - Off Road Handcycle
Jul 1, 2019 near Springf…, OR
Ride of Otter Bench Trail - Jan 2019
Jan 28, 2019 near Culver, OR
Timothy Lake Trail -- log launch fail
Aug 8, 2018 near Governm…, OR
Short clip of a portion of the Catamount Trail
May 21, 2018 near Lyons, OR
A friend conquers a rocky section on the Maston Outer Loop Trail. He's 61 and riding a 2003 Specialized.
Apr 30, 2018 near Redmond, OR
A great look into the communal efforts behind trail building.
Aug 31, 2017 near Lyons, OR
Riding the Sandy Ridge Trail system for the first time.
Aug 11, 2017 near Mount H…, OR
Shredding the Timberline to Town Trail.
Oct 15, 2016 near Governm…, OR
Mountain biking around Waldo Lake.
Aug 22, 2016 near Oakridge, OR

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