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Shale Flats at 5 Points
Nov 10, 2023 near Trenton, GA
Percy Warner Mountain Bike Park - Nashville, TN
Nov 16, 2022 near Belle M…, TN
Mashup of Raceway, Powerhouse, and Turbine.
Nov 15, 2022 near Woodstock, GA
The weekend warrior video of Freeride to Talledega to the Red Bull Drop and Step-up!
Aug 10, 2022 near Oliver…, TN
Apr 19, 2022 near Rydal, GA
CCW Loop of Sara Babb Trails
Feb 22, 2022 near Dallas, GA
Mix Tape
Dec 11, 2021 near Oliver…, TN
Mt Tabor
Oct 26, 2021 near Dallas, GA
Oct 26, 2021 near Holly S…, GA
South Loop
Oct 26, 2021 near Holly S…, GA
High Voltage - up & down
Oct 26, 2021 near Chattan…, TN
Oct 26, 2021 near Chattan…, TN
P2 - after dropping into Bear Creek
Oct 26, 2021 near Chatsworth, GA
P3 - up & down
Oct 26, 2021 near Chatsworth, GA
Cartecay Loop
Oct 22, 2021 near Ellijay, GA
A fun Slopestyle downhill with fast and flowy berms and jumps for you to progress on. MoFlo is one of three available lines, so start there and work your way through each trail as they get progressively more difficult.
Aug 13, 2021 near Acworth, GA
Hamilton Creek Trails
Aug 10, 2021 near Lavergne, TN
Downhill Run.
Jul 21, 2021 near Dallas, GA
Allatoona rocks!
Jun 4, 2021 near Acworth, GA
Kevorkian Pass CCW
Apr 19, 2021 near Holly S…, GA
Pinhoti 3 from Overlook to Conasauga Road
Apr 19, 2021 near Chatsworth, GA
Hocus Pocus Showcase
Apr 19, 2021 near Acworth, GA
Video of Mumbo Jumbo, VooDoo and Hocus Pocus
Apr 6, 2021 near Acworth, GA
Both inner and outer loops around the reservoir in one ride (clockwise).
Mar 9, 2021 near Chattan…, TN
Good video of Ridgeline Trail (some folks call it Hog's back")
Jan 28, 2021 near Rydal, GA
Awesome group of volunteers keeping the trails in great shape.
Jan 25, 2021 near Acworth, GA
WOW! This trail is speed. The ride starts on the chunkier side, bike up the mountain, and down The Flow side.
Jan 9, 2021 near Chatsworth, GA
Riding Sope Creek Trails
Dec 18, 2020 near Sandy S…, GA
POV view of Amadahy Trail ride.
Oct 8, 2020 near Ellijay, GA
Great video showing all the lines as of December 2019.  Nice riding!
Sep 11, 2020 near Acworth, GA

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