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Hayes Arboretum

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7 mi 12 km of trail 1 Recommended Route

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A fun trail system just a few blocks from Highway 40. Great use of the terrain in planning has produced some great trails within the small amount of acreage available.

Local Info

Hayes Arboretum MTB Trails are located at the corner of Hayes Arboretum Road and Woodside Drive in Richmond, IN. There is a gravel parking lot and sign-in box located directly across the street from the fire station.

The 6 miles of trail is made up of four separate but connected trails. Each trail becomes progressively more difficult. From the trailhead, you begin on the Blue and then transition into Yellow, Orange, and Red trails. The trails are clearly marked at turns and intersections.

There is a series of gravel roads throughout the property that can be ridden when the trails are too wet; they can also be incorporated into the loop to add mileage and elevation to the ride.

The trails are bi-directional; however, most riders tend to ride the system counter clockwise.

Visiting Tips

The Hayes Arboretum road is narrow with no other pullouts so please park in the lot at the corner of it and Woodside Dr, across from the Fire Station. Some of the ‘roads’ on the map aren’t roads at all but other hiking trails designed for walkers. This all becomes obvious once at the parking lot.

Recommended Routes in Hayes Arboretum - 1

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Favorite Blue Trail - Table Top

Hayes Arboretum Mountain Bike Trails

7.5 mi 12.1 km 253' Up 77.16 m Up 254' Down 77.45 m Down

Richmond, IN

Trails in Hayes Arboretum - 4

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2.3 mi 3.7 km #1Red Trail
Richmond, IN
Richmond, IN
1.8 mi 3.0 km #2Blue Trail
Richmond, IN
Richmond, IN
1.6 mi 2.5 km #3Yellow Trail
Richmond, IN
Richmond, IN
1.5 mi 2.3 km #4Orange Trail
Richmond, IN
Richmond, IN

Photos of Hayes Arboretum - 20

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Blue Trail - Table Top
Oct 6, 2017 near Richmond, IN
The New Teeter-Tooter on Yellow Trail
Jan 27, 2019 near Richmond, IN
Rip through the Red Trail's great wooden berm!
Apr 3, 2017 near Richmond, IN
If you're ready for it, hit the Yellow Trail road jump on your next lap!
Apr 3, 2017 near Richmond, IN
Red Trail - Log Ride
Nov 9, 2018 near Richmond, IN
The Boy & Eagle Scouts have done it again. They've built a new bridge on Red Trail.
Mar 11, 2018 near Richmond, IN
A gable or jump on the Blue Trail.
Oct 14, 2017 near Richmond, IN
There's a pretty nice manual machine to practice near the start of the trails.
Oct 5, 2017 near Richmond, IN