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William M. Burchfield Park

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Favorite Fall wildlife
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Mountain Bike (MTB) Trail

8.9 mi 14.3 km 212' Up 64.72 m Up 214' Down 65.21 m Down

Dimondale, MI
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William M. Burchfield Park Biking

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Photos of William M. Burchfield Park - 13

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Composite picture of the builder chainsawing the Pitchfork entrance on the left, and the nearly-completed Hellboy stunts on the right.
Feb 22, 2015 near Dimondale, MI
Fall wildlife
Apr 13, 2015 near Dimondale, MI
Godzilla vs. Bambi stunt's three different exit lines. Beginner/intermediate exit on left, intermediate exit in middle, advanced exit on the right (turtle conga line!). You can hit all three of these exits from either the Godzilla entry or the Bambi entry, with crossovers between the lines.
Aug 1, 2015 near Dimondale, MI
The exit of The Mambo King, a stunt on Hansen's Be-Bop. Note the advanced bit a foot on the other side of the top log in the logpile exit. It is easier to ride than it looks, but this is definitely an advanced stunt (for this part of the country).
Aug 1, 2015 near Dimondale, MI
The builder riding Whiplash, a stunt on Hansen's Be-Bop. This is a good practice line for stunts further along in your ride. 2"x10" entry, drop to long 2"x6", drop to long 2"x4", then onto short on-end 2"x4". Yes, 2" wide at the end! This is a beginner/intermediate stunt with little risk involved
Aug 1, 2015 near Dimondale, MI
The exit of Dragonball Z, an intermediate/advanced stunt on Dragonball Run. Each of the two elevated corners can be ridden either high (advanced) or low (beginner), so there are four different ways to ride this stunt. The entry is an 8-inch step-up, designed to keep beginners off of the stunt.
Aug 1, 2015 near Dimondale, MI
Riding the horseshoe-shaped stunt (backwards) on Hansen's Be-Bop, which was not given an individual name. The names of the trails at Burchfield are based on movie names, though I'm not sure which movie this trail name refers to. The other stunts on this trail are named for music-related movies.
Aug 1, 2015 near Dimondale, MI
Riding the skills area at the Dirt School.
Jul 31, 2022 near Dimondale, MI

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