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28 mi 45 km




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There is growing recreational pressure within the City of Portland - and in turn, on Forest Park - to accommodate the increasing demand for singletrack mountain biking. At the same time, limited resources exist to manage the conflicts between users and address the myriad pressures on Forest Park's unique natural resources. It is worth noting, however, that over 28 miles of challenging and scenic routes (trail and firelane) are currently open to bicycles.

Historically, the majority of trails in Forest Park have been built and managed for hiking and other non-bike activities. Only as the interest in and activity around mountain biking increased in the last 15-20 years have there been innovations and adaptations in trail building to minimize environmental impacts and user conflicts.

The City's Forest Park Natural Resource Management Plan (FPNRMP), adopted in 1995, outlines a number of approved future trail projects. At the time of its adoption, the Management Plan did not fully consider the growth of off-road cycling and the potential for user conflicts and environmental impacts - all of which are now becoming evident with growing recreational use of the park. In August of 2009, the City of Portland convened the Forest Park SingleTrack Advisory Committee to study these issues in greater detail. In the wake of that committee's report, Nick Fish and Zari Santner released a series of recommendations to help guide the path forward.

The Conservancy believes that recreational use of the park is best serviced by careful planning that utilizes the best available science and related information, while upholding the overarching stewardship of the irreplaceable resource that is Forest Park. Developing a sustainable approach to accommodating additional off-road cycling must integrate and emphasize education and outreach, habitat restoration, and trail maintenance while being sensitive to Forest Park's unique natural resources and other existing recreational activities.

The following Forest Park trails and firelanes are currently open to bicyclists: Leif Erikson Road, Saltzman Road, Springville Road, BPA Road, Newton Road, and Firelanes 1, 3, 5, 10, 12, 15 & Holman Lane (uphill only).

All remaining trails and roads in Forest Park are not open to bicycles - you are, however, greatly encouraged to enjoy them on foot. Thank you for respecting these trails and the pedestrians that use them.

Food and Drink

After the Ride: Local Favorites

Taqueria Y Panaderia Santa Cruz Best tacos in Portland. Having moved here from LA, I was having a hard time finding legit tacos. The Al Pastor is great. Chorizo has some nice kick. Try the Tacos Dorados (crunchy tacos with chicken.)
Proper Eats I like the noodles!
Thai Cottage A great, local gem - standard Thai fare at reasonable prices.
John Street Cafe Try the corn beef hash.
Dub's St. Johns Chicken and waffles! And now ribs, too! St. Johns finally has an eatery that's not Mexican or Thai!
Drunken Noodle Drunken everything is good! Both Noodles and rice! Can't wait to come back and try their specials.
Fishwife Cod fish and chips were delicious!
Eastside Deli The field dip is the best vegetarian sandwich on the menu
Rose City Taqueria Breakfast burritos are legit. Get the bacon or ham. Add guacamole if ya nasty.
TILT - Swan Island (North Portland) Google maps is wrong. Turn right on Anchor, not left.
3449 N Anchor St, Portland OR — (503) 285-8458
El Burrito Azteca Come check out the brand new bar! Have some tequila and watch soccer on the TVs.
King Burrito Mexican Food The double bacon chille cheese burger is by far the best! And the chille cheese fries are delicious too! And all for under 10$!!!!
Sunrise Bagels Love the Lox Bagel Sandwich!
Grand Central Baking Company All the pastries,sandwiches and the Demi baguette is just the right size. I don't love their coffee
Eisenhower Bagelhouse It was delicious. The lion scramble was the perfect size and the kale hit the spot.
ATAULA Angel is one of my favorite bartenders in Portland. She always makes tasty and creative beverages.
1818 NW 23rd Pl, Portland OR — (503) 894-8904
St. Honoré Boulangerie Brie Bartlett Panini! Prosciutto, Brie cheese with caramelized pears and onions! Enough said
Stepping Stone Cafe Great taste! MANCAKES! Man vs. Food great folks!
Tamale Boy I give high praise to the vegetable tamale wrapped in banana leaf. The masa is creamy and sweet.
1764 NE Dekum St, Portland OR — (503) 206-8022
Grilled Cheese Grill Grilled Cheese Grill and order the Cheesus Burger
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10.8 mi 17.4 km
#1 Leif Erikson Drive
Portland, OR
10.8 mi 17.4 km Portland, OR
All Clear
Mostly Dry, Some Mud
23 days ago
2.1 mi 3.4 km
#2 Firelane 1
Portland, OR
2.1 mi 3.4 km Portland, OR
2.1 mi 3.3 km
#3 BPA Road
Oak Hills, OR
2.1 mi 3.3 km Oak Hills, OR
2.9 mi 4.7 km
#4 Saltzman Road
Portland, OR
2.9 mi 4.7 km Portland, OR
2.0 mi 3.2 km
#5 Newton Road
Cedar Mill, OR
2.0 mi 3.2 km Cedar Mill, OR
1.3 mi 2.2 km
#6 Firelane 15
Portland, OR
1.3 mi 2.2 km Portland, OR
1.4 mi 2.3 km
#7 Firelane 10
Cedar Mill, OR
1.4 mi 2.3 km Cedar Mill, OR
1.6 mi 2.5 km
#8 Firelane 12
Portland, OR
1.6 mi 2.5 km Portland, OR
1.2 mi 1.9 km
#9 Firelane 5
Portland, OR
1.2 mi 1.9 km Portland, OR
1.0 mi 1.6 km
#10 Springville Road
West Haven, OR
1.0 mi 1.6 km West Haven, OR
0.8 mi 1.4 km
#11 Firelane 3
Portland, OR
0.8 mi 1.4 km Portland, OR
0.9 mi 1.4 km
#12 Holman Lane
Portland, OR
0.9 mi 1.4 km Portland, OR

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