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Mount Shasta Mountain Bike Association

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Featured Rides: 1

10.6 mi 17.0 km
Gateway Trail Loop
Mount Shasta, CA
10.6 mi 17.0 km Mount Shasta, CA
All Clear
Dry, Fallen Trees - Couple fallen trees across the trail. ZAP trail connector from the switchback on Marley back to Gateway is very poorly marked and hard to see. I ended up riding all the way to the top of Marley, realized I'd missed it, rode all the way back to the bottom, realized I'd missed it again, and finally rode back up and found it at the switchback...oops. Moral of the story is 1) if you hit a switchback on Marley, you're at the Zap cutoff and 2) if you do miss it, just ride gateway back home. You're not missing out on much by skipping the Zap cutoff.
22 days ago

Trails: 2

6.4 mi 10.4 km
Gateway Trail
Mount Shasta, CA
6.4 mi 10.4 km Mount Shasta, CA
All Clear
Mostly Dry - Bigger gap jumps need work be careful on some features. Trail itself is in solid condition for being maintained by volunteers
25 days ago
6.9 mi 11.1 km
Lake Siskiyou Trail
Mount Shasta, CA
6.9 mi 11.1 km Mount Shasta, CA
All Clear
3 days ago