Video: How the Squamish Landscape Shaped One Rider’s Career

Miranda Miller talks injuries, trails, and community within the context of her hometown’s geography.

The story of each of our lives–and the actions we take throughout them–is dictated by a subconscious struggle between the hardwired and the learned. If I injure myself in a bike crash, instincts tell me to lay off the dangerous activity. But what if I surround myself with a supportive community–one that helps me up when I fall and encourages me to try again?

In the second episode of Landshapes, an NSMB video series which “explores the impact of topography and how it has shaped four unique riders,” Miranda Miller shows viewers around her hometown, offering a glimpse into the community and topography that have played major roles in shaping her into the rider she is today.

Some of our favorite quotes from Miranda as she describes her lifetime of riding and living in Squamish:

“And it’s funny because your first ride back [from an injury], in your mind you’re like, ‘It’s gonna be great,’ but it usually sucks…”

“[In Squamish] you don’t have to explain yourself. It’s just what you do and people know that–and that’s it.”

“I’ve always liked the whole ‘knowing your neighbor’ thing.”

“I’ve been blown away by the unconditional support. People are always just really happy to help you out–to offer any help–they never want anything in return.”

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