Sayonara, Winter. Hello, Costa Rica.

3 friends, 111 miles, 1 incredible bikepacking adventure

On my neverending quest for year-round biking, I decided to escape the dreary grasp of winter in the Pacific Northwest by venturing south—way south—to Costa Rica. I quickly found myself in heaven, living, riding, and building trails in Las Catalinas, a sustainable beach village on the country’s northwest coast with over 11 miles of flowy singletrack accessible right from town.

It wasn’t long before plans for a bikepacking trip hatched due to the area’s warm tropical weather and infrequent rains. Leaving from home base on the north end of the Nicoya Peninsula, two friends and I set off to make the 111-mile, 6-day-long trip to the point’s southern tip, sleeping on the beach each night.

Our goal was simple: enjoy the ride, disconnect from the electronic world, and spend our off-bike time in the water, napping, or stuffing our faces at local family-run restaurants called Sodas. We set a mellow pace of 25 miles per day and just tried to enjoy our time on the saddle, avoiding the scorching afternoon heat.

The ride was incredibly unique, with a vast majority of the route following the beach. We did venture inland in a few spots, too, glimpsing part of the Costa Rican countryside most tourists don’t experience. Taking a more untraditional route helped us to really feel immersed in the local Tico culture, slowing the pace of life and embodying the pura vida lifestyle!

All photos by Riley Seebeck / Flowphoto Co.

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