Video: Ride All the A-Lines on Moab’s Premiere New School Trail

Nate Hills chases longtime local Kyle Mears down the acclaimed Captain Ahab Trail

Ask most anyone who’s ridden Ahab what they thought of the trail and you’re likely to garner similarly emphatic responses. The now 4-year-old trail can only be described as a masterpiece of trail building.

Incredible rock work, creative routing, and otherworldly scenery blend seamlessly into an unforgettable, grin-expanding experience.

Steep, technical, fast and fun. An excellent trail built specifically for mountain biking.” djn Nechrony

“By far the best trail I’ve ever ridden!” –Tom Robson

“This may be my favorite trail ever. Gotta keep your mind sharp!” –Jennifer Uurtamo

“The best mountain bike specific trail I have ever ridden, and my favorite trail in Moab.” –Jake Davidson

Check out the Captain Ahab trail page for full stats, maps, and to hear more opinions from MTB Project’s community of riders.


Photo: Leslie Kehmeier

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