MTB Project’s Most-Read Stories in 2016

Our best articles of the year, chosen by you

From cul-de-sac skills drills to the best towns for bikes and beer, these stories garnered the most attention from MTB Project Journal readers this year.


5. 7 Ways to Crush Technical Climbs

“Depending on where you live, rock ledges, rotten logs, or slimy roots make climbing on a mountain bike more interesting… Or maybe just more embarrassing. The following tips should help you climb technical sections of trail with more efficiency and more success!” Read the rest of the story.

4. 11 Ways Deadlifts Will Make You a Better Rider

“Your glutes might look great in your riding shorts (I’m living proof, right?), but I bet they’re not doing their actual job that well. Did you even know your glutes had a job on the bike, aside from just looking pretty? A strong gluteus maximus should support your weight, absorb impacts, and drive pedaling power.” Read the rest of the story.

3. 5 Ways to Descend Faster

“If you’re a red-blooded, fun-loving mountain biker, you climb so you can descend. In other words, you work so you can play. If you’re riding a stock mountain bike, though, it’s probably not set up to maximize downhill playtime.” Read the rest of the story.

2. Doctor’s Orders: 2 Exercises to End Knee Pain

“With sloppy form, it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of pedal strokes can lead to achy knees. At RevoPT, the most common location of cycling-related pain that we see is the anterior knee (AKA the front).” Read the rest of the story.

1. Essential Cornering Drills You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

“That Sunday shred is rad! But it’s not where you learn new skills—it’s where you execute the skills you already have and reap the rewards. Driveways, cul-de-sacs, or even parking lots on your commute to work are great environments to dial in new movement patterns because they’re accessible and consistent.” Read the rest of the story.


5. Shredding Lesser-Known Slickrock in Moab

“’Bowls, drops, wall rides, chutes, and half-pipes… just pick your line and go for it.’” Watch the video.

4. The Shreddiest Pooch We’ve Seen in a While

“This flick pulls out all the stops: hipster pour-over coffee, cabin lust to the max, East Coast roosting, and one seriously shreddy pup.” Watch the video.

3. Matt Hunter Takes His Son Bikepacking and It’s Adorable


“It’s safe to say that Matt’s son, Robbie, is living a pretty darn good life. In an age where screen time is rapidly replacing time spent playing in the dirt, it’s heartwarming to see these two sauntering around in the great outdoors together.” Watch the video.

2. Cleaning the Horsethief Bench–Fruita’s Toughest Section of Trail

“The Bench is ~100 feet of ledgy tech hidden inside what is an otherwise pretty tame ride. To clean the Bench going down is a rite of passage in and of itself, but to clean it bottom to top? That’s a whole ‘nother level of achievement.” Watch the video.

1. Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

“We’ve come to expect a lot from the world’s foremost trials rider, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint in this flick. Follow Danny as he meanders through the Scottish countryside jibbing, tricking, and flipping everything in sight.” Watch the video.


3. Trails and Ales: 7 Towns That Do it Right

“We all love to toast to a good ride. Here are seven towns where singletrack and craft beer reign supreme.” Read the rest of the story.

2. Epicenter: Why Knoxville is the South’s New MTB King

“In a state better known for the Grand Ole Opry and Graceland, Knoxville’s riding is becoming a hit too.” Read the rest of the story.

1. Trail Boss: The Most Technical Trail in Florida (Yes, Florida!) Is No Joke

“I started traveling to Florida several winters ago in search of warm weather, and I keep returning for the surprisingly fun riding. Alafia River State Park, in particular, is pretty legit. It’s a mountain biking gem in a state that’s more famous for its swamps, gators, and retirement villas.” Read the rest of the story.


3. Op-Ed: A Call for Women to Record and Share Their Adventures

“Where are the everyday female outdoor adventurers? The weekend warriors who hold down nine-to-five jobs? These women are everywhere, but they rarely give voice to their adventures. It’s time for that to change.” Read the rest of the story.

2.Why Pro Enduro Racer Syd Schulz Puts Bikes Before Likes

“Syd Schulz is a professional enduro racer. She also writes for fun and really enjoys burritos. Perhaps you’ve read her piece on how to stop saying ‘Sorry…’ or seen the video of her absolutely shredding in the Chiléan Andes?” Read the rest of the story.

1. The Bike Setup Behind Ultrarunner Joe Grant’s Tour de 14ers Record


“Before sunrise on July 26, ultrarunner Joe Grant pedaled away from his home in Gold Hill to pursue a fully self-supported trip around the Centennial State’s tallest peaks–the Tour de Fourteeners. His goal was simple: Pedal to and summit all 57 of Colorado’s +14,000-foot peaks.” Read the rest of the story.

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