Video: Cleaning the Horsethief Bench–Fruita’s Toughest Section of Trail

“Allez! We are in Fruitaaaa!!!”

Fruita, CO is known more for flow than uber-technical trails, with one exception. The infamous “Horsethief Bench” at the Kokopelli Loops trail system breaks the rules of Fruita flow.

The Bench is ~100 feet of ledgy tech hidden inside what is an otherwise pretty tame ride. To clean the Bench going down is a rite of passage in and of itself, but to clean it bottom to top? That’s a whole ‘nother level of achievement.

In this video, probably fueled by his amazing cheerleader, French rider Aurélien Fontenoy does just that. Using mostly trials hops, Fontenoy muscle his way up what appears to most as an impassable boulder field.

How most get past the bench | Photo: Craig Hoffman

How most get past the bench | Photo: Craig Hoffman


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