Cottonwood Valley Trail System - Blue Diamond Loop

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Featured Ride in the area near Summerlin South,
“A great 10+ mile ride that encompasses a large portion of the trail system in Cottonwood.”
Markk Knowles on May 20, 2013
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10.216.3 milesKilometers 714’218 m Ascent 3,820’1,164 m High 3% Avg Grade (2°)
100% Singletrack -714’-218 m Descent 3,395’1,035 m Low 13% Max Grade (7°)
One of the Bureau of Land Management's "Backyard to Backcountry" treasures, this trail was developed between the Southern Nevada MTB Assoc and the Southern NV BLM office to provide world-class riding experiences.

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1:17 average time for 9.7 miles. Details

This ride is a great beginner to intermediate way to ride in the Cottonwood North trail system starting and ending in the small, cozy town of Blue Diamond. Small drops, rock gardens, sand, hard pack and moderate climbs and descents... everything any rider likes. This ride is a great way to spend a couple hours if you take your time.
Start off at Mcghies Bike Outpost parking in the center of Blue Diamond and head south through the shaded streets to the trailhead. A couple small washes, then a nice moderate climb will warm you up for the ride ahead.

As you round the foothill on your right you'll have the option left down into the wash or right up out of it. I prefer left for the fun little drop but either way joins in the same place soon. Pedal the mostly flat terrain to "BFR" as it is called locally - a 3 foot conglomerate rock that is easily cleared with a little momentum.

Up and over a rise and around the corner, head south up Lawnmower Saddle and down the other side to Rubber Ducky Trail. You can't miss the namesake Joshua tree full of what else! Rubber Duckies. Continue through this shallow canyon to the Inner Loop Trail.

The Inner Loop will take you down a nice gradual descent to a fairly steep wash into a small rock garden, then on to "Little Daytona", a fast section of red hardpack with exceptional flow. At the top of the hill that follows is an old trail map sign. This is the intersection of Landmine Loop that will take you back to Blue Diamond.

The remainder of this ride will take you through sevral technical rock gardens, steep washes and other fun. At one point, a look off to your left is Bonnie & Clydes old car (so the tail goes).

Be sure to stop in and see Chris at the bike shop - say hi and get a cool drink of something.

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4.2 (12)
Challenging and technical with a stunning backdrop; an exciting place to ride...
near Summerlin South, NV
4.1 (12)
An excellent romp that starts with several miles of moderate climbing and gre...
near Enterprise, NV
3.9 (16)
More drops, flow & exposure than one trail deserves - and a blast to ride!
near Enterprise, NV

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All smiles in this wonderful landscape! Perhaps too much smile here? (Summerlin South, NV)
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Start of Daytona trail after the drop in the wash (Enterprise, NV)
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Whooop! Be careful! They're not all rocks!! (Enterprise, NV)
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Duck!! The famous Rubber Ducky tree. (Enterprise, NV)
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Blue Diamond Loop back to town; fun, flowy, with berms and rock gardens! (Summerlin South, NV)
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Sunset summer ride, near where the trail forks to Molly's and Puke Hill. (Enterprise, NV)
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Lots of Rock garden at Blue Diamond Loop! Fun ride going back to Blue Di... (Summerlin South, NV)
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It's wheelie wheelie fun! (Enterprise, NV)
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Watch out for that rock! (Summerlin South, NV)
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Red Rock Vista. (Enterprise, NV)
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Rolling through smooth banked turns (Enterprise, NV)
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Rockin' Blue Diamond Loop. (Summerlin South, NV)
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The last of the rock garden after dropping into the wash (Enterprise, NV)
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Cruising the Lawnmower Saddle (Enterprise, NV)
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Ducky Trail. (Enterprise, NV)
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Look feet! (Summerlin South, NV)
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Top of initial climb for Landmine Loop. Relax, get your lungs back and t... (Summerlin South, NV)
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Locally referred to as BFR - Big "Friendly"? Rock. A little momentum is ... (Enterprise, NV)
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Before the BFR you have to ride these rocks on north Landmind Loop. (Enterprise, NV)
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Rubber Ducky Trail steer left or stay on Inner Loop to the right (Enterprise, NV)
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Bank left to climb Lawnmower Saddle. Stay straight to continue on the So... (Enterprise, NV)
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End of South Cut. Trend left for the Beginner Loop, Turn hard left to In... (Enterprise, NV)
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Hang a right to stay on this GPS track or veer left to drop into the was... (Enterprise, NV)
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View of the initial climb of Landmine Loop (Summerlin South, NV)
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Turn right for Landmine Loop or left for South Cut Trail. I always stay ... (Enterprise, NV)
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Top of the Inner Loop at the north end. This trail connects with the Lan... (Summerlin South, NV)
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Rubber Ducky intersection with Inner Loop. Right is north to Lawnmower S... (Enterprise, NV)
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This area has a great combination of rock and sand to keep it interesting (Summerlin South, NV)
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The Landmine Connect on the right, Landmine Loop on the Left as seen whi... (Enterprise, NV)