Ute Valley Loop

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Featured Ride in the area near Air Force Academy,
“A great loop through Ute Valley Park.”
Ben Ulfers on May 15, 2013
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3.96.3 milesKilometers 346’105 m Ascent 6,598’2,011 m High 3% Avg Grade (2°)
95% Singletrack -345’-105 m Descent 6,347’1,934 m Low 16% Max Grade (9°)
1:50 average time for 7.1 miles. Details

This loop includes most of the best sections of Ute Valley park in a single loop that can be repeated for extra miles and fun.
Need To Know
The trails in Ute Valley Park are not marked or named. If this is your first time, bring a map or the MTB Project mobile app, or budget extra time for pathfinding. There are trails in the middle of the park which are for hikers only.
Start by heading straight from the parking lot (you can also take the boardwalk at the end of the parking lot if the main entrance is blocked by a car). Don't go up the first hill immediately to your left. You'll come down that hill at the end of the loop.

After a couple hundred yards or so, you'll cross over a little wooden bridge and head up the first main climb. This climb has some rocky sections that beginners may need to walk. After finishing the climb, the trail will continue through a short descent and dump into a gravel service road. Turn left head up the hill past the power station and take the next left.

The trail will drop into a fairly fast and bumpy descent and then veer right. At the next T, turn left to head back towards the center of the park and then quickly turn right followed by an immediate left and climb up a short hill.

At the top the hill, the trail will T with yet another trail, turn right and follow this trail for a while. This will trail will include some moderate technical parts as well as a fairly rocky descent.

Near the bottom of the descent, a trail will fork off to the right. Stay left and follow that trail until you meet up with a wider section of trail. Follow the wider section of trail until a section of singletrack veers to the right. Follow this and take your first right, this intersection is very sandy so make your turn carefully. You'll follow that trail until you reach an intersection with a rocky section of trail that will T into your trail from the left. Turn and follow this trail until it meets up with a another trail, take a left and climb up a very steep climb to the top of a ridge.

You should see the school on your right. Follow this trail and then descend down the other end of the ridge. Turn left to loop back around and do another loop or turn right and head back to the trailhead. The parking lot should be visible while descending this ridge.

This isn't a very large park if you're on a bike so if you're new here just budget extra time for exploring and finding your own route.
Land Manager: City of Colorado Springs
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5.0 (3)
4,500+ ft of downhill, anything else to you could ask for?
near Manitou Springs, CO
4.1 (15)
A Colorado Springs Classic, challenging climb with a screaming descent.
near Manitou Springs, CO
4.1 (35)
A classic tour of Cheyenne Canyon - a long, scenic climb up followed by a cla...
near Colorado Springs, CO

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PHOTOS of Ute Valley Loop
  3.5 from 4 votes
Taking the dogs for a ride in Ute Valley. (Air Force Academy, CO)
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Pike's Peak view from the western side of the trail. (Air Force Academy, CO)
  3.5 from 2 votes
Singletrack towards the center of the park. (Air Force Academy, CO)
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About to enter the technical connector. (Air Force Academy, CO)
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Winter riding on the Ute Trail. (Air Force Academy, CO)
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Overlook towards Pikes Peak from eastern side of the trail. (Air Force Academy, CO)
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Nice scenic view (Air Force Academy, CO)
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Right up ahead it gets pretty technical. (Air Force Academy, CO)
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Be careful here (Colorado Springs, CO)
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This is one of the first hills you start to climb. It is not as bad as i... (Air Force Academy, CO)
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It smooths out here and is an easy ride. (Air Force Academy, CO)
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Go with the flow. (Air Force Academy, CO)
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Ute valley park climb. (Air Force Academy, CO)