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Whiskey Off-Road - 30 Proof Course

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Featured Ride in the area near Prescott,
“Technical singletrack, smooth fire roads, quality climbing, and awesome vistas.”
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31.751.0 milesKilometers 3,817’1,163 m Ascent 7,006’2,135 m High 5% Avg Grade (3°)
50% Singletrack -3,817’-1,163 m Descent 5,352’1,631 m Low 27% Max Grade (15°)
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Race Date: April 30, 2016
Official Details: epicrides.com
Access through Camp Pearlstein is likely prohibited outside of the event. Be respectful and consider continuing down Copper Basin Road and skipping straight to trail #48.
The ultimate mountain bike event weekend, hosted cooperatively by Epic Rides, the City of Prescott, and the Prescott National Forest during the final weekend of April each year.

The Whiskey Off-Road 30 Proof course begins with a brief stay and steep climb on the pavement heading out to the endless singletrack offerings located in Prescott National Forest. Once in the forest, the route features technical singletrack, burly water bars, daunting creek crossings, smooth fire roads, quality climbing, and awesome vistas.
Head south on Montezuma (Whiskey Row) to Goodwin. West on Goodwin up Summit Avenue. Right on Glenwood Avenue to Park Avenue. Left on Park Avenue to Country Club. Right on Country Club to Highland. Left on Highland to Copper Basin Road. Right on Copper Basin Road. Copper Basin will eventually get very steep. When the steep ends the pavement will also. Enter Forest Service land on Copper Basin dirt road.

Turn right on Camp Pearlstein Road. Follow Camp Pearlstein Road to the end. Climb the road up to trail #393. Take a sharp left on #393, follow the trail until it descends down to the dirt parking lot/trailhead.

Trail #393 ends at a trailhead and parking lot. Go directly across Copper Basin Road and begin super sweet Trail #48. At top of #48 you'll come out on a doubletrack, turn right on doubletrack and follow this for less than 5 minutes. Then turn right again to continue on Trail #48 at a 3-way intersection. After the turn you'll be on singletrack trail #48 which starts with technical water bars. This trail includes rocks, ruts, drops, blown down trees, and hike-a-bike. It ends with a technical switchback downhill into a 3-way intersection with Trail #260.

Turn left on Trail #260 and be careful of the terrain as you follow this trail to the bottom. There are a couple of super rocky, super loose sections - be careful.

Trail #260 will kick you out onto a dirt road (#53). Go right onto the dirt road (if you go left youll end up on Highway 89). It gets steep here - stick it out!

Turn right at a 4-way intersection. Climb to the next 4-way intersection. Go left at a 4-way on Road 373 up to Sierra Prieta overlook. After taking a gander, turn 180 degrees and start up the switchback singletrack Trail #266.

Now begins a monster descent. At roughly 5-10 minutes down, stay right at the 3-way intersection on Trail # 9401J, an old dirt road. This trail gets very rocky in places, be careful.

Continue downhill on the trail and be aware of off camber and rocky sections. The trail kicks out onto an old dirt road (smooth transition). Turn onto Trail #327. After a few minutes of descending on Trail #327 there's going to be a right hand turn on Trail #321. This turn will sneak up on you at a point when you could be going very fast. Be sure to keep an eye out. If you get to the 3-way intersection and thin flowing creek youve gone too far.

Trail #321 is super fast and fun while paralleling a creek bed. Really good stuff. Turn left on Trail #323 up hill. Follow #323 up the final hill (about 5-7 minutes or so). Follow #323 until you see the option to turn right on #392.

Trail #392 is affectionately known as the Garden Grove trail. It's a bomber! A heck of a way to end a ride. Enjoy the descent! At the bottom youll ride parallel to Thumb Butte Road which will end where Trail #367 begins. Turn right onto trail #367.

Follow Trail #367, next to and occasionally crossing Miller Creek, until it spits you back out on Thumb Butte Road (the trail number changes to #326 near the end, where a trail came in from your right). Take a right on the road and follow it back into town. Turn right onto Park Avenue for a gentle climb to Glenwood Avenue where you turn left. Continue on the same route (Glenwood, Summit, Goodwin) to the finish on Whiskey Row for a well-earned beverage.
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A climb through the Thumb Butte area followed by great descents along the sou...
near Prescott, AZ
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A long ride that circumnavigates Prescott, AZ.
near Prescott, AZ
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A gentle uphill with a fast and flowy ending
near Prescott, AZ

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PHOTOS of Whiskey Off-Road - 30 Proof Course
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Ryan on the Fat Bike (Prescott, AZ)
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Prescott singletrack. (Prescott, AZ)
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Jeff at The Grotto (Prescott, AZ)
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Jeff on the last part of singletrack (Prescott, AZ)
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Doug coming down Garden Grove (Prescott, AZ)
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Almost to Aspen Creek TH (Prescott, AZ)
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Multiple Pros crossing the creek (Prescott, AZ)
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Ryan and Doug on 326 (Prescott, AZ)
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Rambling on Trail 392 (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail 322 and 326 Intersection on the north end (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail #326/367 intersection (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail 392 through the pines (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail 392 junction (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail #367 - Miller Creek Trail (Prescott, AZ)
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A few obstacles (Prescott, AZ)
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Intersection of Trail #392 and #324 (Prescott, AZ)
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Creek crossing on Trail 392 (Prescott, AZ)
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Another creek crossing for Trail 392 (Prescott, AZ)
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The top of Trail 9415. Go right on 48 for some downhill fun or straight... (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail 392 straightaway (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail #367 (Prescott, AZ)
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2013 Whiskey Off-Road 25 Proof Starting Line on Whiskey Row (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail #367 (Prescott, AZ)
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Crossing the creek (Prescott, AZ)
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and they are off... (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail 391 intersection (Prescott, AZ)
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Entrance to Trail 391 from Copper Basin Rd (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail 391 creek crossing (Prescott, AZ)
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Trail 315 entrance from Thumb Butte parking area (Prescott, AZ)